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Emtee breaks his silence about record label woes and fall from grace

Emtee Twitter record labelEmtee finally addressed all of the rumours.

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Emtee has officially confirmed reports that his house and car were indeed repossessed, and that he currently lives between places.

As reported by Sowetan Live, the popular rapper was removed from his leased home in Midrand and had his Mercedes Benz repossessed.

However, contrary to the murmurs, this is not a direct result of his ailing business relationship with the record label he is signed to.

In a recent social media campaign, Emtee asked his supporters to amplify his calls for Ambitiouz Entertainment to release him from his contract.

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He has become the fourth known member of the label that has, in the last year, voiced his discontent with the way things are run at Kgosi Mahumapelo’s label.

Emtee label woes with Ambitiouz Entertainment

Benchmarq, a popular rap duo, Fifi Cooper and A-Reece, were the first three to leave Ambitiouz Entertainment on bad terms. Similarly to Emtee, they launched a social media campaign that was impactful enough to compel Mahumapelo to grant them leave.

However, that did not come without its consequences. Of the three, it is only A-Reece that still enjoys commercial success, while the others have faded into the bleachers.

Emtee has cited many reasons why he wants out of the deal. He was very critical of the red tape that was allegedly placed around the release of his biographical documentary, ATM.

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He also blamed the lacklustre performance of his sophomore project, DIY 2, on the label’s failure to invest in more promotion.

His complaints on Twitter went unnoticed until he launched the #FreeEmtee campaign last week. He changed his booking and enquiries information to that of his personal number, sparking rumours that he had left the label.

Emtee addresses repossession and label rumours

However, what people did not know was that behind the scenes, the rapper’s world was falling apart. Reports surfaced that Ambitiouz Entertainment had removed him from the house and car they allegedly leased on his behalf, forcing him to move back to Orange Grove, in Johannesburg, where he grew up.

While the rapper confirmed this to be true, he revealed that there are a few things he needed to clarify.

“It is true. It is unfortunate about the how. I am trying at the moment but unfortunately, I am surrounded by a lot of people. That is a lift for the next person. I don’t blame anyone for saying what they feel is going on but they need to be sensitive to what is happening behind the scenes.” he said.

He denied the claims that it was the label that repossessed his material belongings. Instead, the rapper revealed that he was forced to give up the house and car because he defaulted in payments.

“They (Ambitiouz) didn’t repossess the house and cars. I don’t have it anymore. They helped me get it but it wasn’t part of the contract. It was simply that I had problems with the maintenance and it is a matter between myself and the agents.” he explained.

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Emtee noted that although he intends to leave the label, he wants to do it in a different way than his three former labelmates.

“(Ambitiouz owner) Kgosi (Mahumapelo) doesn’t want me to leave, but it isn’t up to him and I made it clear that I want a new start. If I do things the right way, I believe that it will be resolved. I still wanna make music. I have been through the most and I am unbreakable. I am not angry or mad. I will get through this.” he added.

Mahumapelo has denied all of the rumours that have been circulating about his relationship with Emtee. According to the label honcho, he still actively manages the rapper.

“None of this is true. The issue of the house, car and two albums are not true. He doesn’t have any manager except me, I’m the one who has the right to talk on Emtee’s behalf.” he asserted.

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