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Elections 2019: Voters outraged by late arrival of ballot papers [video]

A late start for many polling stations has frustrated many eager voters.

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Eager voters have been left outraged by the late arrival of ballot papers in some of the voting stations in the country.

Angry residents took to social media to share their disgruntlement with the way things have kicked off at their respective polling stations on Election Day.

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Voters outraged by late arrival of ballot papers [videos]

According to the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), voting stations were expected to open at 7:00, with the assumption that the administrative set up of the poll would have been done much earlier than that.

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It is the task of the presiding electoral officers to ensure that the voting booths have been properly set up with the ballot papers stamped and ready to record the votes of the people.

However, in some stations, people were left in long queues for a long as an hour, as ballot papers had not yet been delivered.

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How to check if the ballot paper you’re voting on is valid

The IEC has implored voters to practice extreme vigilance when handling the ballot paper. This is how to ensure that the ballot paper you are casting your vote on is valid:

  • Once the voting officer is satisfied that you have the correct ID, are a registered voter and have not already voted, your name is marked off the roll, your ID is stamped on the second page and your thumbnail is inked.
  • The voting officer stamps the back of the correct number of official ballot papers (one per election) and gives them to you.
  • Take your ballot paper/s to an empty ballot booth, mark the ballot paper, fold it so that your choice isn’t visible and place the ballot paper in the ballot box.
  • Note: You can only vote once in each election.

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