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Elections 2019: Home Affairs will be open on Election Day

home affairs 2019 elections uncollected IDsThose who need temporary ID certificates have no excuse.

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The Department of Home Affairs will be open for extended hours on Wednesday, 8 May, to cater to those eligible voters who have yet to collect their identity documents (ID).

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As reported by EWN, this is to ensure that those who have lost their IDs after the registration period are still able to participate in this election.

Elections 2019: What do you need to bring when you vote?

According to the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), in order to cast a ballot at a voting station, you need bring your valid South African ID book, smart ID card. or your temporary ID certificate.

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Alternatively, you can collect your temporary ID certificate at a Home Affairs branch near you.

This serves as a notice that you have applied for a permanent smart ID card and will be granted access to exercise your right to vote.

Prepare at least R250 for your trip to Home Affairs. The application for a lost and/or stolen ID will cost you R140, while the cost of a temporary ID is R70.

You will also need to prepare at least R40 for ID photos, a necessary inclusion in the application of your ID.

What time is Home Affairs open until on Election Day?

According to the department’s spokesperson, Siya Qoza, all branches in the country will open their doors from 7:00 until 21:00, in line with the operational times of the IEC’s voting stations.

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“The primary reason for us opening is to ensure that South Africans who want to vote and are registered can come through and collect their IDs.

“If you’ve lost your ID, you’re also welcomed come and apply for a temporary certificate,” Qoza explained.

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