Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Elections 2019: Floyd Shivambu predicts ‘meteoric’ rise for EFF

floyd shivambuAccording to party chief whip Floyd Shivambu, the ANC is set for defeat, with the EFF ready to governing the people of South Africa.

elections 2019 floyd shivambu predicts meteoric rise for eff 1024x728 - Elections 2019: Floyd Shivambu predicts ‘meteoric’ rise for EFF

Shivambu 1200x853 - Elections 2019: Floyd Shivambu predicts ‘meteoric’ rise for EFF

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) chief whip Floyd Shivambu says the 2019 elections will be remembered for his growth in the polls, continuing on from its success in 2014.

The red berets claimed an impressive six percent of the vote five years ago, only a year after the party was formed, and went on to play an influential role in the local government elections two years later – forming coalitions with the Democratic Alliance (DA) to wrestle key metros off the African National Congress’ (ANC) hands.

Speaking after casting his vote at Moses Kotane Primary School in Soweto, Shivambu was confident that the EFF will be in charge of government.

“It’s a story of tremendous growth of a meteoric rise of the EFF. That is what is going to be. A lot of people thought that the EFF would not survive post the first or second elections but with the growth of the EFF now, we’ll basically be saying that we are going to be in charge of the people of South Africa, of government. Economic freedom is coming because of the Economic Freedom Fighters.”

Floyd Shivambu

The 2019 elections have seen long queues reminiscent of those experienced in the historic 1994 polls, and Shivambu believes that this is a sign that people want change, which spells doom for the ANC.

“The ANC is not going to win elections. Before the end of this week there’s going to be history. Already we have long queues, it is like 1994 and this is a decisive moment in terms of change of government,” said Shivambu.

“Whenever change of government happens, the enthusiasm that defines the voters you see by the stretch of queues. The queues here are telling of  a decisive change moment that ultimately we are going to have a different government, more especially here in Gauteng.”

Floyd Shivambu

Gauteng is one of the provinces where the EFF played a decisive role in the local government elections, as its coalition with the DA removed the cities of Tshwane and Johannesburg from the ANC’s control.

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