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Elections 2019: ANC rubbishes talk of coalition governments

anc elections 2019ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe says the party did not even entertain the possibility of a coalition government prior to the elections.

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ANC national spokesperson Pule Mabe has ruled out the possibility of the party forming provincial coalition governments in the aftermath of the general elections, IOL reports.

The ruling party failed to reach the 50% in Gauteng in the 2016 local government elections, losing key metros to coalitions formed by the DA and the EFF.

Ahead of the latest polls, many projections suggested that the province would be hotly contested, with a strong possibility of the ANC losing its grip on power.

However, speaking on Thursday morning, with the party taking an early lead in the initial stages of vote counting, Mabe said coalition governments were never in their plans.

“You must not even draw us into that (coalition talks) space as yet. When you go into an election, you contest to win – that’s why party’s contest elections. We contest elections to win.

“When we registered the ANC to stand for these elections, we registered to stand in all nine provinces. It was our desire that the ANC should emerge as a government in all those provinces.”

Pule Mabe

How Gauteng and other provinces are shaping up

As of 11:00 on Thursday, 32% of the vote had been counted, with the ANC leading the way nationally with 55%, followed by the DA with 25.78% and the EFF on 8.59.

Both opposition parties have exhibited growth from their performance in the previous national polls, while the ruling party appears to be on a significant decline.

In Gauteng, the same three parties currently occupy the top spots with the ANC only just reaching the crucial 50% mark that would see it able to form its own Cabinet.

As far as the rest of the country’s provinces are concerned, the DA will – in all likelihood – retain control of the Western Cape, while the ANC continues to lead the rest.

The results continue to trickle in. For the latest, you can follow our live blog by clicking here.

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