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Election results 2019: ANC narrowly wins Gauteng majority

Final election results Gauteng ANC majorityNo longer can the ANC claim to possess an ‘overwhelming majority’.

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The elections results are in and the majority vote in
Gauteng has been retained by the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

It was the closest of provincial battles, with the ANC winning by less than a full percentage point. While the ruling party will be happy to retain some modicum of administrative confidence, a marked drop in support, both in Gauteng and on the National ballot, signifies a dwindling of trust.

Final election results paint grim picture for ANC, DA

No longer can the ANC claim to possess an ‘overwhelming majority’ – a position of power enjoyed by the ruling party since between 1999 and 2014. While the party managed to hold onto Gauteng, it’s national tally is the lowest it has ever been, sparking debate around the ‘demise’ of the once-mighty liberation movement turned government.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has also experienced damning losses on both national and provincial ballots. The official opposition would’ve hoped to have snatched Gauteng from under the ANC, through strategic coalition agreements with other minority parties.

This hope, emboldened by vast municipal control in major metros, has been dashed – not such much by the ANC, but by resilient electoral efforts by both the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the Freedom Front Plus (VF Plus), the latter drawing voters away from the DA’s direct support base.

Gauteng final election results 2019

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) completed its
tally on Saturday morning, after promising that preliminary results would be
finalised on Friday night. Gauteng, which was the last province to have all its
votes counted and captured, was won by the ANC.

Election results, Gauteng:

  • ANC – 50.19% support with 2 168 253 votes
  • DA – 27.45% support with 1 185 743 votes
  • EFF – 14.69% support with 634 387 votes
  • VF Plus – 3.56% support with 153 844 votes
  • IFP – 0.89% support with 38 263 votes
  • ACDP – 0.71% support with 30 605 votes
  • ATM – 0.25% support with 10 861 votes
  • PAC – 0.24% support with 10 534 votes
  • COPE – 0.24% support with 10 197 votes
  • UDM – 0.21% support with 9 267 votes

The final results announcement and ceremony are due to take place at 18:00 on Saturday evening, at the IEC Results Operation Centre in Tshwane.

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