EFF “will have assets seized” by AfriForum over unpaid legal bills

AfriForum EFF Julius MalemaIt’s “pay back the money, round three” in the battle between AfriForum and the EFF. The red berets now have to meet their payment deadline by Friday.

eff will have assets seized by afriforum over unpaid legal bills 1024x803 - EFF “will have assets seized” by AfriForum over unpaid legal bills

malema 1200x941 - EFF “will have assets seized” by AfriForum over unpaid legal bills

The saga continues: The EFF and AfriForum are deeply wrangled in a fierce legal battle, which has been particularly bruising for the red berets. After losing five separate court cases to the Afrikaner-rights group, the fallout has cost them a pretty penny… and things could take a turn for the worst this week.

Why do the EFF have to pay AfriForum?

AfriForum have revealed that the EFF, lead by Julius Malema, still owe R109 098 to them. This all trails back to a series of court cases from 2017, where the two organisations faced off against each over “land grabs”. Juju has repeatedly called for citizens to occupy private land – despite being ordered by the courts to desist.

Every time he has broken this ruling in public, AfriForum have taken the political party to court. They have won at every appearance, ramping the EFF’s legal bills up to a grand total of R550 000.

Pay back the money

It’s understood that this latest six-figure sum will be the third of five payments the EFF must hand over to AfriForum. Friday has now become their official deadline to “pay back the money”, after the legal bill was made taxable. This gives the group the right to enforce the transaction, and if Malema and co don’t pay up, their assets will be seized.

“AfriForum placed the EFF and Julius Malema on terms to pay a further R109 098,30 before this coming Friday for an outstanding order as to costs. Of the five cost orders, Malema and the EFF have paid two, amounting to R235 000.”

“With the payment of this enforceable third order, two more orders will be outstanding. The enforcement of last mentioned is being held back because one must still be taxed and the EFF appealed against another one. It is estimated that the total of the five orders as to cost amounts to about R550 000.”

AfriForum statement

AfriForum to “fight the EFF with their own money”

To really twist the knife, AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel has reiterated his desire to use the EFF’s funds against them. He says the money is going towards another court case, where Kriel and his legal team will try to oppose any amendment to South Africa’s constitution that would allow for land expropriation without compensation.

With just five days left to transfer the money, the EFF have been unsuccessful in appealing the judgement. With no road left to run, they’ll have to cough-up in one way or another by the end of the week.

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