Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

EFF take another “L” in court: Legal bills soar after Trevor Manuel ruling

trevor manuel eff legal bills Julius MalemaThe EFF coffers are being raided once more to settle some legal bills. The party have been unsuccessful in appealing their case against Trevor Manuel.

eff take another l in court legal bills soar after trevor manuel ruling 1024x736 - EFF take another “L” in court: Legal bills soar after Trevor Manuel ruling

Julius Malema 18 June 2019 1200x863 - EFF take another “L” in court: Legal bills soar after Trevor Manuel ruling

The EFF has been unsuccessful in trying to overturn a South Gauteng High Court ruling made against them. The judge has chosen to ignore the party’s pleas to have the decision reversed after they were found guilty of defamation.

The party issued a statement during the search to find a new SARS commissioner. Rumours started swirling that the top post would go to Edward Kieswetter, a veteran financial expert. However, the EFF immediately expressed their disdain, calling the candidate “corrupt” and even claiming he was a product of nepotism.

EFF vs Trevor Manuel

Trevor Manuel was on the panel to appoint the commissioner, and the political opposition were fuming at the apparent close connection shared by both men. However, Manuel was also left infuriated after hearing of the accusations, and decided to drag the organisation to court.

At the end of May, the court had previously ruled that the EFF utterances were defamatory. Not only are the red berets now expected to issue a public apology to Manuel following their unsuccessful appeal, but they are also required to fork out the R500 000 in damages he requested in his court application.

Trevor Manuel case adds to the misery

It follows a rather humiliating few months for the party in the courts. Not only have they been dealt with five separate cost orders from AfriForum, but they have also lost a case to Karima Brown.

Their squabble with AfriForum is centred around Julius Malema’s repeated calls for citizens to illegally occupy private land. Meanwhile, the ugly affair with Brown was also Juju’s doing – he inadvertently shared her contact details online, opening her up for a torrent of abuse.

How much money do the EFF owe in legal bills?

However, there is a collective responsibility for this latest financial and legal own goal. The party’s now-infamous statement wasn’t attributed to any particular member, making the party’s executive as a whole responsible. Including all of these cases, the EFF are likely to fork out over R800 000 in remaining legal fees:

  • Money owed to Trevor Manuel: R500 000
  • Money owed to Karima Brown: R100 000
  • Money owed to AfriForum: R206 000 (R344 000 of their outstanding debts already paid off)
  • Total: R806 000 outstanding

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