Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

EFF supporters accused of heckling elderly voters [video]

eff supporters meadowlands elections special vote iec indelible inkUnacceptable behaviour from the red berets.

eff supporters accused of heckling elderly voters video 1024x683 - EFF supporters accused of heckling elderly voters [video]

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Social media has erupted in outrage over a viral video showing EFF supporters allegedly heckling an elderly woman.

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EFF accuses IEC of orchestrating repeat votes with ANC

This video popped up on social media at around the same time the red berets issued a statement condemning the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) for allegedly allowing elderly voters who got the opportunity to cast their special vote on Monday and Tuesday, to do so again on Election Day.

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“The EFF has picked a sustained trend where people who voted during the past two days as special voters, are now voting again today.

“For instance, in Meadowlands, Meadowlands Welfare Centre (32870549) ward 45, EFF Party Agents had to stop elderly people who voted during the special voting day, when they entered the station transported by ANC hired taxis,” the party claimed in a statement.

The issue of a potential flaw in the IEC’s security system has been the talk of the day.

Political parties and observers have been very critical about the indelible ink that can, in fact, be easily removed, allowing the possibility for chance-takers to try and vote at others polling stations

This issue has caused alarm since people have been granted the ability to cast their ballot at any voting station in the country.

IEC categorically denies flaws in security systems

The electoral body has vehemently implored people to remain calm, as the ink is one of three safety measures the IEC uses to ensure that people are not able to cast their vote more than once.

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“The commission wishes to remind all voters that any attempt to undermine the integrity of the electoral process, including attempting to remove the indelible ink constitute an electoral offence, which is punishable upon conviction by sentence of 10-years in jail,” IEC chief executive, Sy Mamabolo warned.

The red berets, however, have lambasted the electoral body for hosting an election that is riddled with flaws.

“This is a clear flaw in the IEC which some in its ranks are exploring on behalf of the ANC. We condemn it and call on IEC to immediately take action,” party said.

Watch: Red Berets heckle elderly woman

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