Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

EFF MP vows to move landless people to Orania and Eureka after elections

eff mp marshall dlamini orania eureka northern capeThe land of South Africa is for all who live in it, says the EFF.

eff mp vows to move landless people to orania and eureka after elections 1024x683 - EFF MP vows to move landless people to Orania and Eureka after elections

1c0f23ab orania 1 1200x800 - EFF MP vows to move landless people to Orania and Eureka after elections

Marshall Dlamini, a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is known for his brazen ideologies and slapping police officers in Parliament. This time around, his plans for life in power, after the elections, included Orania and Eureka.

As reported by IOL News, Dlamini caused a stir once again when he stated that the red berets had a solution to the issue of land availability in South Africa.

EFF’s Dlamini unveils land reform plans for Northern Cape

According to Dlamini, there is no reason why people from these Northern Cape settlements could not share their land with those in need.

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Much has been said about these settlements, whose existence, according to their respective leadership, serves to preserve the Afrikaner way of life.

Orania reacts to EFF plans

Orania, a small community nestled along the Orange River, in the Karoo region, has its own currency — the ora.

The community has at least 1 400 residents and judging by its president’s reaction to Dlamini’s tweet, no plans have been made to accept more people.

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“They will have a tough time doing so because they won’t find any land here. All the land is occupied and, more importantly, it is being worked. It’s not just about ownership, it’s also about usage,” Carel Boshoff stated.

The leadership of the Eureka settlement, Adriaan Alettus Nieuwoudt, would not be drawn into commenting on Dlamini’s statements.

Nieuwoudt claims he bought the piece of land that sits outside the Garies region, in the Northern Cape, three years ago, for white people to “securely retire, live and work with their own schools, shops and medical services in their own mother language (Afrikaans).”

However, for the EFF, equality for all who live in South Africa triumphed the obscure beliefs of the founders of these whites-only settlements.

“We commit to our members and citizens of this Province that if this motion finds expression in the white community, they must expect that our black people will also occupy that 1 000 square metres of land too,” EFF spokesperson, Obakeng Lechuti, warned.

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