Mon. May 25th, 2020

EFF members hit with court order after disturbances at luxury Durban hotel

Durban EFFThe Durban High Court has acted swiftly against the EFF, but the party are trying to distance themselves from a clutch of Oyster Box protesters.

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Several EFF members in Durban have been slapped with a court interdict this week, after a small group picketed the Oyster Box Hotel in the city. The collective – donning the red regalia – claimed they were there on behalf of down-trodden employees who have been subject to poor working conditions.

As TimesLive report, the matter ended up in front of a judge on Tuesday. It is believed that the red berets are representing workers who have complained of sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

EFF members turn up at Oyster Box

However, the terms laid out in their unsigned memorandum have been disputed by both the Durban High Court and the hotel’s management. Tracey Lichtenberg is a representative for the company, and said that the 10 – 15 protesters who showed up on Monday behaved in an “aggressive and threatening manner”.

She labelled the demonstration as pure opportunism, saying that Oyster Box was targeted merely for “political gain”. The KZN branch of the EFF has denied that the protesters represent the party, however. Chair Vusi Khoza dismissed their affiliation to the party and slammed the interdict for being directed towards their organisation.

“We have no knowledge of an EFF protest. Any fool can wear an EFF T-shirt and purport to be a member of our party. But I can tell you, as provincial chair, that this protest action wasn’t mandated by our office.”

Vusi Khoza, KZN EFF

Five-star disturbances

Oyster Box is a five-star hotel situated on the Umhlanga Rocks. It’s idyllic location and pristine build is a huge draw for tourists, ranging from domestic and international visitors to the rich and famous. Its reputation remains its key selling point, and even the slightest hint of discontent could be bad for business.

Lichtenberg has poured cold water on suggestions that the staff are unhappy, and confirmed no complaints have been raised with the CCMA as of yet. Meanwhile, Khoza has implored both the hotel and the courts to follow-up any potential accusations of racism or harassment.

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