Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

EFF accelerate plans to have Pravin Gordhan removed from government

Pravin Gordhan EFFA war of words that has turned very, very ugly: The EFF have Pravin Gordhan in their cross-hairs, and they’re ready to step-up their campaign against him.

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The EFF has started the week with a bang, reigniting their fractious feud with Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan in dramatic fashion. The party released a statement on Monday, accusing the ANC stalwart of purging black CEOs from positions of power in South Africa’s state-owned entities.

The red berets reason that the CEOs of Transnet, Eskom and South African Airways (SAA) have been forced to vacate their roles because of political interference. Siyabonga Gama, Phakamani Hadebe and Vuyani Jarana have all left their respective jobs in 2019.

But Malema and co don’t see this as progress – they’re only concerned that a “super powerful” Pravin is flexing his muscle, and now they believe only one outcome is possible: Gordhan must go, along with the departing executives.

“He’s purging black CEOs”

In a strongly-worded communication, the EFF lashed out at the minister for “savagely pushing and starving” the bigwigs who are ultimately answerable to him. On Sunday, Jarana said he was being “systematically undermined” by the government in his resignation letter – something that fuelled their appetite for a conspiracy:

“Pravin Gordhan is presiding over massive purges of black and particularly African CEOs at South Africa’s state-owned entities. The resignation letter from Vuyani Jarana points to the reality he did not have Gordhan’s support.”

“This is how Pravin Gordhan operates: Everywhere he leads, African executives become casualties – sometimes, they make way for his less qualified friends. We know that the end goal is to incapacitate our SOEs, sell them off to the private sector, [and keep] South Africa’s economy as majority-white.”

EFF statement

The party have reiterated claims that saw Gordhan drag them to court in 2018: Minister Gordhan was called a “racist” by Julius Malema, sparking a furious war of words that resulted in each politician filing charges against each other. History is most certainly repeating itself, here.

EFF vow to get Pravin Gordhan removed from government

The EFF are hellbent on booting Pravin out of office – he’s already facing pressure from his comrades in the ANC after Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane ruled he must face remedial action for granting Ivan Pillay an early retirement payout in 2011. It’s also believed he is having to face the ANC’s dreaded “integrity commission”, too.

The next move for the third-biggest party in South Africa will be to lobby Parliament against Pravin. They have vowed to write to Cyril Ramaphosa, demanding Gordhan’s removal from government. The statement also promises to ask Speaker Thandi Modise to raise an inquiry into PG’s behaviour, in a bid to enforce his dismissal.

  • You can read the full EFF statement here:

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