Mon. Oct 21st, 2019

Durban motorists warned to avoid M13 route due to rock slides [video]

m13 route durban floodsDurban motorists have been urged to avoid the M13 route near the Shongweni area.

durban motorists warned to avoid m13 route due to rock slides video 1024x637 - Durban motorists warned to avoid M13 route due to rock slides [video]

cbb4a467 rock slides on m13 1200x747 - Durban motorists warned to avoid M13 route due to rock slides [video]

The M13 route, in Durban, near the Shongweni area, has been closed due to potential mudslides and huge rocks that fell from the mountainside as a result of the wet conditions in the city.

Snow Report SA, a well-reputed Facebook account that reports on South Africa’s extreme weather, issued a warning to motorists who use the route to get to the Durban central district.

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Durban floods: What is the latest?

Weather conditions in Durban have left most parts of the city swallowed up by torrential flooding. Low-lying areas of the city have been affected the most.

In Malvern, a small community nestled in the southwest region of Durban, houses have been washed away, and so far, the floods have claimed the lives of four people who were killed when one of the houses in the community collapsed.

Currently, the eThekwini Municipality is doing everything it can to evacuate low-lying communities as the harsh weather conditions have persisted.

M13 route near Shongweni closed due to rock slides

A motorist that was travelling on the M13, the main route that connects much of the city’s towns to the central district, was forced to turn back after piles of rocks from the mountainside had fallen onto the road.

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This closure has halted all traffic travelling into the Durban CBD and for now, motorists have been asked to avoid the area at all cost.

Watch: Motorists forced back due to rock slides

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