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Durban motorist makes daring escape in hijack attempt [video]

durban motorist hijack videoA brave display from the victim.

durban motorist makes daring escape in hijack attempt video 1024x768 - Durban motorist makes daring escape in hijack attempt [video]

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This Durban motorist was brave enough to react quickly after suspects jumped out of a car with guns drawn in an attempt to hijack the unsuspecting victim.

Popular Twitter user, @crimeairnetwork, published a video showing how the driver of the red car managed to reverse his or her way out of a potentially fatal situation.

New hijacking trend hits Durban

Durban has seen an increase in hijacking incidents since the beginning of the year. Quoted in an IOL News article four months ago, Brian Jackson — the director at Blue Security Operations — warned that criminals in the city had grown smarter in finding more creative and dangerous ways to steal and hijack cars.

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“When considered as an average that is at least one hijacking being reported to our company every day, and this excludes any additional incidents that we don’t hear of, which may be reported to other local security firms and directly to the police,” he said.

Jackson also noted that hijackers were using a new, more threatening method to their crime: Kidnapping victims

“Hijackers mistakenly assume that motorists must be aware of the location of the tracking device installed by vehicle tracking companies. They take the motorist with them in the hope that they will be able to get the location of the device out of them.

“The reality is that most motorists should have no idea where the vehicle’s tracking device was installed and will not be able to tell hijackers anything,” Jackson explained.

Luckily for this motorist, whose identity has not been verified, the hijackers caught in this video did not get what they wanted. The incident took place on Musgrave Road, in Berea.

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Watch: Durban motorist makes daring escape

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