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Duduzane Zuma testifies, as questions raised over the speed of his Porsche

Duduzane Zuma porscheAlthough he had his testimony cut short, Duduzane Zuma still faced some tough questions over the fatal night he crashed his Porsche into a taxi.

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Duduzane Zuma has been in for something of a rough ride during the resumption of his culpable homicide trial on Wednesday. The former president’s son is also charged with reckless and negligent driving behind the wheel of his Porsche, and he was called to testify in a case which could eventually see him jailed if found guilty.

Duduzane Zuma testifies: What did he tell the court?

His cross-examination was cut short after a technical issue with recording equipment scuppered proceedings. But in the short while we got to hear Duduzane’s account of the fateful day in February 2019, he told us what was on his mind when he crashed his Porsche 911 into the back of a taxi:

“At the time of the accident it was raining heavily. Before I knew it, my vehicle lost control… as the vehicle hit the pool of water I lost control of the steering mechanism. I did not brake, I did not accelerate, I just held on for dear life. I sympathize with anyone who has been affected.”

Duduzane Zuma

How fast was Duduzane Zuma going in his Porsche?

After being asked about how fast he was going, Zuma Jnr went on to tell the court that he was occupying the fast lane, approaching speeds of up to 100km/h:

Now, given that Duduzane Zuma has already described the treacherous weather conditions, his decision to push a ton in the fast lane doesn’t seem to be the wisest thing to do, despite his insistence that this was “reasonable”. Journalists inside the courtroom were also left unfulfilled by the testimony, raising their own questions about the incident:

The Gupta connection and AfriForum’s response

In the #GuptaLeaks trove of emails released two years ago, it was revealed that Duduzane called Tony Gupta before phoning anyone else after the accident – this is a bone of contention that will have to wait until Thursday, though.

Meanwhile, AfriForum were in an upbeat mood as they took their seats for the proceedings. The Afrikaner-rights group are effectively responsible for this trial, after they raised a private prosecution on the matter when the NPA had previously dropped these charges. CEO Kallie Kriel claimed that this trial is already a victory for the justice system:

“The fact that the case against Zuma Jr continues, confirms that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) made a mistake when they decided not to prosecute him. The Dube family’s insistence that justice must prevail left the NPA with no other choice but to change their decision.”

Kallie Kriel

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