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DJ Shimza on his success: “It’s all thanks to the ANC” [video]

dj shimza anc siyanqoba rally elections south africaDJ Shimza went a little too hard for the ANC.

dj shimza on his success its all thanks to the anc video 1024x591 - DJ Shimza on his success: “It’s all thanks to the ANC” [video]

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One would not expect the ANC to be one of DJ Shimza’s keys to success but the popular musician, born Ashley Raphala, attested to this at the party’s Siyanqoba Rally gala dinner that took place on Thursday.

The 26-year-old was born and raised in Tembisa, a township on the outskirts of Johannesburg. A community largely plagued by crime, drug abuse and unemployment, most of its youth struggle to make a success out of their lives.

DJ Shimza attributes his success to the ANC

Shimza, in his address at the rally, noted how he was never disillusioned by the ills of growing up in a township. He stated that, if it were not for the ruling party’s fight against apartheid, all that he has achieved would not be possible.

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Shimza is one of the highest paid DJs in South Africa. The mounting support he has garnered from hosting annual festivals in his hometown has made him one of the most successful young talents in the country.

His philanthropic work with schools in his community has caught the attention of President Cyril Ramaphosa, who sat in awe as the 26-year-old lamented on about the influence his party has had on the quality of his life.

“This year, we managed to donate about 3 000 school shoes to young children who don’t have parents and can’t afford school uniforms,” he said.

“Nothing would be possible without the ANC” – Shimza

Shimza was also thankful for the business relationship he has with Ekurhuleni Municipality. He extended his appreciation for the City’s efforts in making life easy with regards to events management-related dealings.

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“I know that if it was any other political party, it would be very difficult for me to achieve some of my visions, and they are helping me create what I feel can be one of the biggest things in South Africa,” he added.

The musician capped off a nervous display with stating that his trip to Paris, France, would not have been possible without “the policies the ANC has got that allow us to move whichever way we want.”

Watch: Shimza thanks the ANC for it all

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