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DJ Fresh in trouble with BCCSA over foul commentary

dj fresh metro fm“Msunery” should not be a word that is listed in his vocabulary, in the first place.

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Metro FM breakfast show radio host and legendary House jockey, DJ Fresh, has landed himself in trouble over some not-so-fresh comments he recently made on air.’

Why is DJ Fresh in trouble with BCCSA?

As reported by Sowetan Live, Daniel Mokwa was the listener that reported the radio host to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) for allegedly using “msunery”, a variation of the Zulu inflammatory word, “ms*u”, which, translated in English, means “assh**e”.

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Mokwa also accused Fresh of being unprofessional in his dialogue with a caller.

Much of the context around the conversation was not featured in Mokwa’s complaint, which was dated 20 May, but it is alleged that the radio host told the caller to “stop tweeting from his arse”.

SABC defends Fresh and apologises to BCCSA

In his complaint, Mokwa accused the SABC of allowing the radio host special treatment and protection.

The public broadcaster, in response to the complaint, stated that it would not entertain such accusations without proof.

“The SABC would like to distance itself from insinuations. The SABC has, for decades, adhered to the BCCSA Code of Conduct and has taken action against those who contravene it,” the broadcaster said in a statement.

The broadcaster apologised for DJ Fresh’s language use and noted that the matter was being dealt with internally.

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What will happen to the radio host now?

According to the guidelines specified by the BCCSA, the complaint has to be adjudicated upon.

This is if the complainant (Mokwa) and the respondent (SABC) do not reach consensus.

It is the duty of the BCCSA’s chairperson to hold a tribunal on the matter where both parties can make submissions on the matter.

Once all submissions have been made, the chairperson will make a ruling on whether the complaint was justified or not.

If found guilty, the legendary radio host could lose his position at the broadcaster. However, judging by the way the SABC has defended Fresh, it seems unlikely that they will let that happen so easily.

“We sheepishly accept that the presenter was overtaken by emotions to rationally respond to the comment made by the listener against him. As an experienced presenter, we anticipate that the incident could have been avoided and for that, we sincerely apologise to the complainant.”


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