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Disruptions ahead? Busisiwe Mkhwebane future could be decided before SONA

Busisiwe MkhwebaneThe ANC haven’t confirmed if they will support Busisiwe Mkhwebane in a potential no-confidence motion, and that could mean bad news for SONA.

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The current controversy that has engulfed the Public Protector’s office threatens to boil over in the next few days. The ANC have revealed that they will hold a caucus meeting on Wednesday to determine their position on Busiswe Mkhwebane and whether they should allow her to continue in the role.

Mkhwebane is at odds with several of her own party figures, and has a strong tide of opposition against her in the DA. However, as the IOL report, the John Steenhuisen-tabled motion to remove the PP may end up gaining the support of several other political parties.

Busisiwe Mkhwebane – who supports her, and who wants rid?

The Freedom Front Plus and the African Christian Democratic Party are the two main organisations openly backing the motion, which is also being championed by Cope and the PAC. However, the most staunch opposition comes from the EFF, who have vowed to fight tooth and nail for Busisiwe Mkhwebane to remain in office.

Jessie Duarte is the deputy-secretary general in the ANC, and she told the publication that things are still very much up in the air for the governing party. Without committing to a position, the Top 6 member did reveal that they would confront the issue by Wednesday.

“I cannot comment in view of the fact our caucus will discuss its approach on Wednesday. We don’t respond without discussion.”

Jessie Duarte on Busisiwe Mkhwebane

Public Protector could dominate SONA discourse

The second SONA of the year takes place one day later, on Thursday 20 June. In what was a largely serene affair back in February, the same cannot be guaranteed this time around. The issue of Busisiwe Mkhwebane is likely to dominate the dissent from the chambers, and with the EFF already rattled, this could prove very contentious.

We’ve already seen that the EFF aren’t scaling the emotion down ahead of the sixth term of Parliament: The organisation were involved in a scuffle last Wednesday during a session in the house. Their rhetoric against Ramaphosa has been ratcheted up this month, and the chances of them staying quiet on Thursday have rapidly diminished.

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