Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Deep Fried Man vs Willem Petzer: White Genocide and so much ag shame

deep friend manDeep Fried Man and Willem Petzer (who?) squared off this week without actually speaking to each other at all.

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During the height of the Willem Petzer/Daniel Friedman aka Deep Fried man antagonism, Petzer, a sort of minor right-wing figure in the mould of those shouty right wing guys you see on Fox all the time, made a YouTube video.

Because that’s how we debate these days, kids. 

Petzer’s YouTube video was seemingly an attempt to show just how many times he could wilfully misinterpret elements of a satirical music video that Friedman had made six years earlier. 

We’re of course referring to the “White Genocide” video. This one.

As they say, the devil’s in the details. Or, in this case, the timing. A mere two weeks ago, Friedman, in his capacity as journalist with The Citizen,  published screengrabs of a “secret” Discord chat group.

Willem Petzer, somehow affiliated to Afriforum (a purportedly civil rights group standing up for the rights of Afrikaners, but having more success at failing to win any civil rights cases, as well as just being racist a lot), had made a lot of racist remarks -proving unreservedly that the self-proclaimed racist was in fact, racist.

It was at this point that Petzer clambered to his own defence by making a video where he makes racist remarks about Friedman. 

It’s all a bit Russian Chess Master (HE SAID RUSKIES!) furiously intellectual debates about the limits of civil liberties, or disobedience or something was that Freidman had to turn his phone off because plaas outjies doing Samuel L Jackson impersonations kept phoning him to tell him how disappointed they were in him, but violently.

When we reached out to Friedman for comment he was quick to tell us of the many right-leaning defenders of the freedom of speech had told him that they believed in nothing he said but also would defend his right to not be believed in until their death.

He also told us about the one person who described in fairly explicit terms how Friedman’s child might perhaps be killed violently. Friedman is now taking a social media break.

Petzer has since – on social media obvs – condemned the threats. 

Although we have tried to reach out to Petzer, we have had nothing but radio silence. All we have left to speculate about are Petzer’s curtains.

Willem Petzer’s shabby, filthy, cut at a weird angle while still being about forty centimetres shy of a decent hanging length, curtains.

This is probably how Petzer signals to his adversaries that there would be no point in suing him for liable. And that is the single most interesting thing I have been able to make up about Petzer all afternoon.

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