Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

Death inquest opened after another Cape Town toddler falls into drain

Cape Town death inquestA second toddler within a week has tragically died in a sewer drain in Cape Town with police to investigate.

death inquest opened after another cape town toddler falls into drain - Death inquest opened after another Cape Town toddler falls into drain

police tape n1 city mall - Death inquest opened after another Cape Town toddler falls into drain

The South African Police Service (SAPS) in Cape Town have opened a death inquest case docket to look into the apparent accident that caused the death of a 2-year-old boy in Blackheath on Friday.

Speaking for a traumatized family local ward councilor Roelof Mare related the events that led to the boy’s death according to witnesses.

The boy had been out walking with his father in Dennemere and had allegedly run ahead of his father and somehow fallen into the sewer.

Emergency workers were dispatched to attempt a rescue but by the time they pulled the boy out of the drain he was dead. Mare opined that it may have been difficult to see the cover.

Mare told News24: “It was quite traumatic. He fell into a drain and his father tried to get him out. Unfortunately he lost his life”

The parents identity has been withheld from the general public at present out of sensitivity towards the family at an extremely difficult time.

Police will investigate the incident the cause of which remains unclear as the manhole cover on the drain remained in place and nobody saw the boy enter the sewer line.

Cape Town police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut said: “The circumstances surrounding the death of a 2-year-old boy are being investigated after he fell into a drain behind Blackheath Primary School in Blackheath yesterday afternoon.

“A death inquest case docket has been registered.”

Death in the drains

The body of a 22-month-old boy was discovered in a drain in Melton Rose, Cape Town, earlier this week when children playing in the street notice something in the sewer and a large gathering of flies.

In that case community members have accused the child’s mother of being responsible for her son’s death, leading to threats against her life.

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