Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

De Beer Attorneys calls on South Africans to sue Eskom

Earth Hour Eskom load sheddingBest news we’ve heard about Eskom in a while.

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De Beer Attorneys, a well-renowned law firm, is calling on South Africans to hold Eskom to account for the effects of load shedding.

As reported by IOL News, the law firm believes that Eskom is liable for reinstating all profits lost due to the rotational power cuts that we are still reeling from.

Why is Eskom responsible for load shedding?

In March, the power utility implemented — as a matter of urgency — stage 4 load shedding. A minimum of 4 000MW had to be relieved from the power grid to maintain stability.

Things got so bad it was reported that the situation had been understated and that we were, in fact, cutting power off at stage 6 and 8.

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Of course, many South Africans have felt the pain of losing electrical appliances due to power cuts.

Businesses were forced to minimise operations, cutting off their potential to earn by a considerable amount, and affecting materials and equipment.

De Beer Attorneys plea to South Africans

For the law firm’s managing partner, Elaine Bergenthuin, instead of sitting back and accepting the predicament Eskom put us in, we can take a stand and make the power utility pay for what it caused.

According to Bergenthuin, there is a solid case for us against the power utility.

Why you need to file a class action lawsuit against Eskom

Although Eskom’s position may be that load shedding was the direct result of the shortage of capacity, it can’t be refuted that they played an active part in causing the state that Eskom is in.

Because of that liability, Bergenthuin said, there is a case for us to file a class action against the power utility and have them cover the costs of our losses.

“A cookie company, for example, which makes 10 000 cookies a day, could prove that, as a result of load shedding, they were able to make 5 000 cookies. They could show a loss in profit,” Bergenthuin explained.

The law firm’s managing partner revealed that they have received a considerable amount of interest from people. However, the more the merrier.

If you are interested in pursuing legal action against Eskom then you can contact:

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