Mon. May 25th, 2020

David Makhura likens Mashaba’s immigration stance to Donald Trump

david makhura gauteng cabinetMakhura had some words for Herman Mashaba.

david makhura likens mashabas immigration stance to donald trump 1024x853 - David Makhura likens Mashaba’s immigration stance to Donald Trump

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David Makhura, Gauteng’s new Premier, has lambasted Herman Mashaba for his ‘Donald Trump kinda’ stance on immigration.

As reported by EWN, Makhura made these utterances at the swearing-in ceremony of his provincial Executive Council in Parktown, Johannesburg, on Thursday.

He stated, rather matter-of-factly, that he and Mashaba will never reach consensus on the topic around the influx of migrants into South Africa.

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What is Herman Mashaba’s stance on immigration?

During his campaign run for the DA in Johannesburg, Mashaba had alluded to the fact that the province faced a huge immigration problem.

Since taking up office after the 2016 local government election win, Mashaba said he came to realise that Johannesburg is suffering from the large influx of foreigners.

“There can be no doubt that the immigration crisis in South Africa is adding pressure on the government to provide services with our limited funding.

“Illegal immigration will not be treated with any level of importance until a different party occupies the Union Buildings after 8 May,” the mayor had said in April.

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Is Mashaba similar to Donald Trump?

Trump’s administration has racked up criticism for their implementation of immigration laws over the years.

In a recent development, the US president has threatened to increase tariffs on Mexico if the neighbours are not willing to do anything about illegal immigration.

While Mashaba has never called for such drastic action, Makhura said that he ought to have compassion for the people that have been a part of South Africa’s history since the Gold Rush in the late 1800s.

“We are a province that was built by migrants from the beginning of the discovery of gold, we have always lived side by side. You can’t blame migrants for everything; that’s a Donald Trump approach.

“We are building one Africa and as we build that one Africa, we’ve got to make sure that every country takes steps to ensure that there is legality,” he said.

“The problem is Home Affairs” – David Makhura

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David Makhura identified the Department of Home Affairs as the likely cause of so many foreigners living under the status of an “illegal migrant” in South Africa.

In his view, illegal immigration may be a concern but it should not be addressed in a radical and ‘Trumpist’ manner.

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