Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

DA MP Phumzile Van Damme punches man, lays racism complaint

phumzile van damme waterfrontDemocratic Alliance MP and Shadow Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies Phumzile Van Damme was involved in a confrontation at the V&A Waterfront on Tuesday, 18 June 2019.

da mp phumzile van damme punches man lays racism complaint 1024x732 - DA MP Phumzile Van Damme punches man, lays racism complaint

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Taking to Twitter, Van Damme shared a video in which she can be heard talking to the manager at the V&A Waterfront. She wrote in the caption:

“Management of [V&A Waterfront] if you’re going to allow racism & racists on your premises, please announce it to all. I will not stand for anyone’s racism towards me or anyone. And don’t send me some PR clichéd response either, ACTION.”

Van Damme explained that a white family was recording her. When she tried to take photos, one family member threatened her with violence and reportedly said: “Voetsek, you black.”

Van Damme also accused V&A Management of letting the family go after she reported the incident. She said in another tweet:

“So [V&A Waterfront,] given the chance, you do not tell people racism is not allowed in your mall. Ban this family from your premises so we can see you’re serious, you have their photo. And no, I won’t stand while violence is threatened towards me, risk being beaten. ENOUGH!”

She added that the right way to deal with this situation would be to take her and the family’s details and apologise to her for the experience. She said on Twitter that the V&A Waterfront manager did neither. Van Damme adds:

“He treated me like rubbish and told me to go, so I said ‘fine, I’ll have to expose you.’”

She also shared an image of the family and explained that the “lady was filming [her] the entire time.” Van Damme tried to take photos when a young guy, who she refers to as “that little sh*t”, threatened violence against her.

As reported by Eyewitness News, V&A spokesperson Donald Kau confirmed that they’ll “be looking at the actions of the security manager on the scene and that of the family individuals involved.” Kau added:

“We do not tolerate any act of racism at the V&A Waterfront. It’s an environment which has thousands of visitors coming through to all walks of life from all over the country and all over the world. We will ban anyone who displays racist behaviour on the property.”

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