Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

“DA made R1bn from water crisis” – says ANC WC’s Ebrahim Rasool

water shortage tapThe squabble between the two could see its day in court.

da made r1bn from water crisis says anc wcs ebrahim rasool 1024x751 - “DA made R1bn from water crisis” – says ANC WC’s Ebrahim Rasool

Brass water tap in park 1200x880 - “DA made R1bn from water crisis” – says ANC WC’s Ebrahim Rasool

The ANC in the Western Cape has accused the DA of profiting from the Day Zero water crisis that almost plunged the Mother City into a severe drought.

As reported by EWN, the ANC’s provincial head of elections, Ebrahim Rasool, accused the governing party of over-profiting from Day Zero.

DA threaten legal action against ANC

Rasool charged at the DA for over-recovery on water tariffs, an alleged profit-gain of about R1-billion.

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This, of course, was vehemently denied by the governing party, who have stated their intentions to take the matter to court, after failing to get any reaction from the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC).

“This matter was referred to the IEC (Electoral Commission of South Africa) and the commission subsequently responded, stating that this matter must be adjudicated by a court of law, and as such, we are seeking a legal opinion from our lawyers. We will not allow the ANC to spread lies,” the DA’s spokesperson, Mabine Seabe said.

ANC targets Cape water tariffs ahead of elections

Rasool and the ANC have made it clear in the past that the issue of water in Cape Town was a subject that they would use to drive the DA-led government out of office in May.

The Western Cape’s opposition party had, in March, attempted to file a class-action lawsuit against the City of Cape Town for instituting high water bills and for cutting off the water supply to households who had defaulted in payments.

“The fact of the matter is that the DA made a profit of R1 billion from these water bills and they are trying their best to get a court date for this matter to be heard after the elections.

“We will try our best to get a judgment on this as soon as possible. We cannot let the DA hide behind the abuse.” Rasool had said in March.

“Bring it on” – says the ANC

It looks as if the matter will be handed over to the courts, should the DA deem it necessary to do so under the advise of their legal team.

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However, the ANC says it has not broken a sweat over the threat of legal action from its opposition.

“These comments are about in the same league as when Alan Winde said the DA created 500,000 jobs, so it is political commentary. We do not take the complaints from the DA very seriously.

“We want the DA and we challenge the DA to tell the people of Cape Town how much profit the party made.” the ANC’s Dennis Cruywagen said.

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