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Cyril Ramaphosa learns about ills of ANC on campaign trail

human rights day cyril ramaphosaRamaphosa faced another difficult election campaign in Mangaung.

cyril ramaphosa learns about ills of anc on campaign trail 1024x781 - Cyril Ramaphosa learns about ills of ANC on campaign trail

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has learned a lot about the reputation of the African National Congress (ANC) on his election campaign trail.

As reported by EWN, the president paid a visit to the Mangaung metropolitan municipality this past weekend.

Cyril Ramaphosa election campaign trail marred by complaints

This visit was part of his election campaign, where he has been all over the country, stopping by at municipalities and engaging with officials and residents about issues that hamper progress.

One of the most common issues that have come out of these engagements is the people’s feelings towards their municipalities.

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Ramaphosa’s visit to Mangaung

Issues such as the lack of service delivery and maladministration rung out of the Mangaung municipal offices in Qwa-Qwa, on Saturday.

Scores of residents who had followed Ramaphosa’s convoy to the offices waited in excitement to meet with the president.

They wanted to engage with Ramaphosa on a number of issues concerning the municipality’s performance.

However, they were turned away after it was said that the meeting between the president and councillors was a private affair. This did not discourage the community in any way.

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They picketed outside of the municipal offices, calling for Ramaphosa to hold a public meeting with residents so that they can expose councillors for being incompetent.

One of the residents described the councillors as a group of gangsters who preside over the community’s service centre.

“The president must meet the councillors in public so we can expose their incompetence, they don’t work for us,” another resident said.

ANC looks to lockdown Free State

In every province the president has been to, he has heard cries of poverty, unemployment, the scourge of crime and the lack of service delivery from people who have, since 1994, looked to the ANC for change.

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As Ramaphosa continues on his campaign in Free State, one of the upcoming election’s critical swing province, his expectancy to hear of all the good his party has done will surely have lowered considerably.

Before he left Bloemfontein to go campaign in Welkom, Ramaphosa made it abundantly clear that all incompetent officials would be removed from power with immediate effect, another campaign promise that held little weight to the people it was intended for.

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