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Cyclone Kenneth: South Africa wary but will not be affected

cyclone kenneth south africa kzn weatherCyclone Kenneth hit our neighbours but experts say South Africa is safe.

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Cyclone Kenneth made landfall in northern Mozambique at around 19:00 on Thursday.

Although it has been reduced to Category 3, South Africa remains wary of its influence on our weather conditions in the northern parts of the country.

Cyclone Kenneth: Category 3 claims at least three lives

Only days after KwaZulu-Natal was hit by vicious flash floods that claimed lives and destroyed homes and infrastructure, the tropical cyclone made its way into the neighbouring country with the same ferocity its predecessor, Cyclone Idai, had.

As reported by BBC News, Kenneth hit landfall with wind speeds of up to 220km/hr and has already claimed at least three lives in the island nation of Comoros.

The tropical storm has not lived up to its promise of Category 4 conditions but experts fear that Mozambique will most likely have to endure rainfall of up to 800mm in precipitation in the next coming days.

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South Africa wary but not affected by Kenneth

Since KwaZulu-Natal is the closest province to Mozambique (on the coastal line), South Africa has had to ensure that the effects of Kenneth will not spill over to the torn Zulu nation.

The province’s cooperative governance and traditional affairs (Cogta) department noted that it will be keeping a close eye on the northern parts of KwaZulu-Natal as it continues to mourn the loss of at least 70 people due to the recent flash floods.

According to Cogta’s Lennox Mabaso, Kenneth may be skipping South Africa but they can never be too careful after what happened in the week.

“We had Cyclone Idai which was also in Mozambique. We had thought that we had escaped it as the province of KZN.

“Little did we know that we were not completely out of the woods. But we are hoping that Mother Nature will spare us, and allow us an opportunity to mourn and also support each other and recover from the latest incident,” he said.

KZN weather for Friday, 26 April

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Rainfall forecast for Friday, 26 April / Photo:

Based on Ventusky‘s readings for Friday, 26 April, no rainfall is expected in the province. This should allow for rescue operations to continue without any interruptions.

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