Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Community golden boy shot and killed in a possible gang-related incident

Chad ArendseResidents of local community call for government action after teen was gunned down.

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Mitchell’s Plain Community members are calling for government action after the death of another teenager.

The Mitchell’s Plain police spokesperson, Captain Ian Williams stated that Chad Arendse, 19, was found lying in Beaufort Street in Rocklands during the early hours of the morning.

Police investigation

According to the Plainsman the police found more than 10 empty cartridges on the scene. However, they would only be able to confirm how many times the victim was shot once an autopsy report was completed.

Police have since been investigating a murder case and believe it to be gang-related. However, no arrests have been made.

Shot on his way home

According to a Plainsman report on this year’s Youth Day, local teen, Arendse, was shot dead while on his way home from a 21st birthday party.

Arendse’s mother, Natasha, said that her son went to braai with a friend and the friend’s family on Saturday, June 15. After the braai, Arendse decided to get a lift to a 21st birthday party. He used his friend’s phone to get a lift because he had lost his phone weeks before.

After the party, Arendse waited for a lift outside of the liquor store on Beaufort Street. He was later approached and shot by the suspect.

Natasha stated that she had heard that the suspect was allegedly at the same birthday party. However, Arendse’s friends refuse to comment on this.

A lost role model in the community

Arendse had been described as a role model for the youth in the community. In 2012 he joined the Western Province Marching Association. The president of the Association described Arendse as a fun-loving and vibrant person.

“He was a positive role model to many with a great following of young people and parents. He was a great ambassador for us with respect and discipline. Those succeeding him have big shoes to fill

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