Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

Cash in transit heists: Two arrested after shoot-out in Empangeni

cash in transit empangeniPolice have reportedly arrested two men involved in a botched cash in transit heist at the Biyela Centre in Empangeni.

cash in transit heists two arrested after shoot out in empangeni 1024x732 - Cash in transit heists: Two arrested after shoot-out in Empangeni

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Two men are reportedly in police custody after allegedly engaging in a shoot-out with Cash in Transit guards at Biyela Centre in Empangeni, KZN.

An officer who attended the scene told journalists that one of the suspects had been shot in the body during the incident. Details of the incident remain limited but the suspect is understood to have been shot by a guard and not the SAPS.

Police have yet to issue a full statement on the incident but it has been reported that the two men approached an area where the Cash in Transit guards were making a delivery, when one of them reportedly cocked a firearm with the intent of either robbing the guards or a nearby store.

The Biyela centre is situated directly across the road from the Empangeni Police Station and officers soon arrived to detain the suspects.

Video captured by Timeslive reporter Orrin Singh shows two men in police custody, with one seated on the pavement outside the shopping centre while the other is lying on his back, moving very slightly but not in any apparent great discomfort.

An SAPS officer at the scene told Timeslive: “The CIT guards were delivering the money at the Biyela Centre in Empangeni when one of the suspects who had been walking by produced a gun and cocked it. We are not sure if they were intending to rob the guards or to rob the shop.”

A further update on the incident is expected to be provided by SAPS
national spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo.

In late 2018 another armed robbery was foiled in Empangeni at the Pep Store in nearby Union Street, when three men and a getaway driver were arrested after a hold up at the popular retailer. One of the suspects was reportedly shot in the leg as gunfire was exchanged.

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