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Carletonville crèche: Blackmail, death threats lead to nursery’s closure

Carletonville crècheIt seems there was an ulterior motive behind the leak of the Carletonville crèche abuse video, as the nursery has now been forced to close down.

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The dust has somewhat settled after a chaotic Thursday: Shocking footage of a caregiver abusing a toddler at Carletonville crèche went viral, sparking a furious reaction from both the public and regional education authorities. Within hours of the clip going public, the perpetrator had been hauled to court and charged for her crimes.

However, it would seem the events leading up to this moment have their own dark history. As revealed by TimesLive, the principal of the daycare centre has received “over 200 death threats” over the past week, as locals got wind of what was going on behind closed doors before the public exposure.

Carletonville crèche – latest news:

The 40-year-old worker has not yet been named by the police, as identifying her could impair the dignity of the young abuse victim. The crèche has experienced something of a nosedive in the last 24 hours, following a visit from Nandi Mayathula of the Gauteng Education Department.

The facility has been forced to close, as it turns out their license to operate had expired a while ago. Parents were pulling their kids out of the school on Thursday afternoon anyway, but this is the final nail in the establishment’s coffin. But how exactly did this heinous video – and several others – make onto the world wide web?

How the abuse video went viral

It is believed that revenge is a key motivating factor. Reportedly, an employee was recently fired from the Carletonville crèche and had kept a video record of the abuse for a rainy day. Fanie van Zyl is a lawyer acting on behalf of the principal, and told the publication about the revenge plot:

“The lady taking these videos, she blackmailed the principal. She threatened to make these videos viral and send them all over the country and to the parents to teach her a lesson. That transpired because she was dismissed for an earlier incident involving  some alleged dishonesty.” 

Fanie van Zyl

The former crèche worker has since been released on bail. Her next appearance in court will be on Tuesday 7 May, to determine whether she will serve any jail time for her actions. It’s sure to be an intensely-followed trial.

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