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Cape Town solar panel registration deadline set for 31 May

cape town solar panel registration 31 MayRegister before Friday or get fined, the City warns.

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The City of Cape Town has urged residents to ensure that their solar panel systems are registered by Friday, 31 May, or face heavy fines.

Mayoral Committee Member for Energy and Climate Change, Phindile Maxiti, noted in an interview with KFM that those with intentions of generating power partially off the grid have been given enough time to submit their registration forms.

Why the City wants you to register your solar panel systems

Having a solar photovoltaic (PV) system in your household or business allows you to generate power independently.

South Africa’s strained power grid has encouraged many small businesses and households to invest in small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) systems.

However, according to the City, this form of power generation needs to be administered in some capacity.

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Therefore, in order to sustain a healthy grid, every solar panel owner has no choice but to register with the City before Friday or face the consequences.

“We don’t want to mistake the off-grid systems with the unauthorised grid-type systems. We need to know who is connected and who is not connected,” Maxiti said.

Registration process has been streamlined

The deadline was extended from 28 February by three months to allow for the City’s technical team to streamline the registration process. This was prompted by complaints that the form was ‘too technical’.

Peter Dekker, a Capetonian, told Cape Talk that not only was the eight-page form ridiculously difficult to complete, it was also a very expensive process.

“It is free of charge from the City’s side but if you want to be registered by a registered electrician you have to pay and the prices can go from R4500 – R9000 and it informed by eight pages where you have to fill in all kinds of technical details,” he said.

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According to Maxiti, the City noted these complaints and did its best to simplify the registration process.

How to register your solar panel system with the City

According to the City’s website, applicants can either register a grid-tied system or an off-grid SSEG.

The former applies to properties in Cape Town with generation capacity smaller than 1MVA, while the latter recognises households and businesses with resources to survive independently from the power grid.

For a complete guide to registering your systems, visit:

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