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Cape Town SAPS need help in identifying this John Doe

A 3D composite sketch of John Doe was constructed using his skeletal remains.

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The Cape Town SAPS has issued a notice asking the public for help in identifying John Doe.

According to police spokesperson, Captain FC Van Wyk, the case of John Doe dates back to March 2018. The decomposed body of a male was found in one of the trails on Table Mountain.

What happened to John Doe?

At the time of the discovery, investigators were unable to get any great detail of the victim’s facial structure since it had been in a state of decomposition for what seemed like a while.

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“At the time the body was found in blue, short jean pants, with a black belt, a black golf T-shirt and orange and green tekkies,” Captain Van Wyk confirmed.

Besides that, investigators had nothing else to go with. It was not known how he had suffered his fate. Neither was there any evidence that could assist authorities in identifying the victim.

Captain Van Wyk revealed that, after processing, the victim’s remains were sent to a forensic laboratory where a computerised three-dimensional facial reconstruction was done.

Based on those findings, an electronic composite sketch was formed of how the victim, believed to be a male aged between 17 and 20 years, possibly looked.

Cape Town SAPS: ‘Do you know this man?’

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3D-generated composite sketch of John Doe / (Photo: Supplied by SAPS)

In his statement, Captain Van Wyk pleaded with anyone who recognises the victim to come forward and begin the process of identification through DNA.

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Obtaining a family member’s DNA profile will give forensic investigators enough data to work with in order to establish who this John Doe is

Anyone with any information that can help in establishing the identification of a possible victim is kindly requested to contact the investigating officer Detective Sergeant Jean Pierre Toua on 061 44 10530 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

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