Cape Town gang violence claims 14 lives in 24 hours

saps eastern cape get out of jail freeThe scourge of violence in Cape Town has reached worrying heights.

cape town gang violence claims 14 lives in 24 hours 1024x853 - Cape Town gang violence claims 14 lives in 24 hours

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Cape Town gang violence has escalated to worrying heights after 14 lives were lost in a span of 24 hours.

As reported by IOL News, between Thursday and the early hours of Friday morning, gang violence that broke out in at least three Cape Flats communities saw 14 teens, all affiliated with gangs, lose their lives.

14 dead due to Cape Town gang violence

Three boys were murdered in KTC, an informal settlement that borders Gugulethu. Other murders occurred in Athlone and Blikkiesdorp.

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Mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith, has conceded to the fact that law enforcement, working independently, is losing the fight against gang violence.

According to Smith, drastic action has to be taken to address this scourge of violence and this can only be achieved if law enforcement forces like the Special Investigative Unit and the Anti-Gang Unit come together and work in unison.

“What is needed now is an effective investigation which will lead to arrests and convictions. We need to know what the Anti Gang Unit is doing about these killings,” he said.

How many murders in Cape Town so far?

According to Albert Fritz, the Western Cape’s Minister of Community Safety, in the last six months alone, there have been 1875 murders reported in Cape Town.

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In essence, that is an average of 10.2 murders reported in a single day. The way Fritz sees it, the Western Cape can be described as a war zone.

“War is commonly defined by the UN and other such institutions as an act of conflict that has claimed more than 1000 lives. In the Western Cape, 1875 people were murdered in the past six months alone. This means that many of our most vulnerable residents in the province are living in a war zone,” he said

Of the 14 murders, there has not been a single arrest made. This means that the coldblooded killers who committed these ruthless crimes are still out in society.

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