Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

Cape Town dams: Torrents of water gush towards Theewaterskloof [video]

Cape Town dams theewaterskloofThe rain fell hard over the weekend, and it has lead to some pretty joyous scenes for the Cape Town dams – it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

cape town dams torrents of water gush towards theewaterskloof video 1024x576 - Cape Town dams: Torrents of water gush towards Theewaterskloof [video]

d7529488 theewaterskloof cape town dams 1200x675 - Cape Town dams: Torrents of water gush towards Theewaterskloof [video]

We’ll never get tired of this sight, and nor will Capetonians. This weekend has been a great one for rainfall, even if it did prove to be a little disruptive elsewhere: The Cape Town dams will not be complaining though, and it seems the facilities will be on course for a bumper boost this week.

Videos have been trickling into social media, showing the ferocious force of nature as torrents of water flow from their river catchments and head towards the drought-threatened facilities.

Cape Town dams in June 2019

Despite a recent upturn in fortunes, readings from last week reveal that the Cape Town dams were only 12% more full from this point last year when “day zero” fears were highly prominent

However, given the rainfall recorded over the past few days, we’re likely to see the dam levels break the 50%-full mark when this week’s numbers are made public by the local government.

Theewaterskloof is the biggest dam in the entire municipality and has often been the poster-child for the region’s recent water woes. It’s plight in 2018 made international headlines, when water levels dipped below 10%. However, the enormous reservoir is now back up to almost 40% – and that total is likely to increase soon.

Watch water flow towards Theewaterskloof here:

Two rivers which feed into Theewaterskloof – Riviersonderend and the Breede River – have both seen gushing water storm through their channels over the weekend. Just look how much of the wet stuff is destined for the dam:

Other Cape Town dams set to benefit

Meanwhile, good news was also in store for the second biggest dam in Cape Town, Voelvlei. The facility, which is based between Wellington and Tulbagh, was also the subject of some intense rain coverage. One local canal was more than happy to “go with the flow”, and was ultimately responsible for delivering this impressive water surge:

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