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Cape Town dams: Latest water levels for Monday 8 April

Cape Town dams water levelsAnother step in the wrong direction for the Cape Town dams this week, as water levels continued to plunge in both the city and the rest of the province.

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The water levels across the Western Cape have continued to decline over the past seven days, despite substantial rain last week. The Cape Town dams lost another 1.16% of what they had in reserve and now stand at 48.65% full.

The picture looks a little worse when we consider provincial levels, too: There’s been another 1.03% decline for the dams servicing the Cape province in the past week, which has left them at just 36% full.

There is still some way to go before these levels can be considered disastrous, but Cape Town and its surrounding areas are still feeling the effects of the warm weather after a balmy weekend. However, early forecasts suggest that rain will arrive in the Cape again on Saturday, and these grey clouds always come with a silver lining.

Western Cape and Cape Town dams: Water levels for Monday 8 April

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Cape Town dams and Western Cape water levels for 8 / 4 / 2019 – Photo: Western Cape Government
  • Theewaterskloof dam – 37.9% (10.2% full in April 2018).
  • Voëlvlei dam – 59.6% (14% full in April 2018).
  • Bergriver Dam – 69.6% (41.9% full in April 2018).
  • Clanwilliam Dam – 19.1%. (6% full in April 2018).

Latest news from the Western Cape

Anton Bredell is the minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape. He was very cheerful after learning that the national water and sanitation department had given the go-ahead to upgrade the Clanwilliam Dam wall, which would double the facility’s capacity:

“Last week Minister Nkwinti named the project on the West Coast as one of five major projects his department will focus on. We are very happy to hear this and look forward to assisting the national department where we can to ensure the completion of this project as swiftly as possible.”

“We have been waiting for this project to start since 2014: This has cost the taxpayer an estimated R100 million to date. Since the new minister arrived we have heard some good things but now we look forward to seeing the fruits of the harvest.”

Anton Bredell

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