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Cape Town dam levels, Monday 6 May

Cape Town dam levelsWell, isn’t this the news the Mother City has been waiting for? Overall dam levels have barely flinched this week, and there’s cause for celebration.

cape town dam levels monday 6 may 1024x768 - Cape Town dam levels, Monday 6 May

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Oh, we are getting so much closer to the day where the Cape Town dam levels actually increase. Their 0.3% decline this week marks one of the lowest weekly losses experienced by the facilities since early spring.

Starting last week at 46.6%, the reserves have barely moved this week after a few rain showers made landfall in the Cape last week. In fact, one of the dams serving the municipality actually saw its water levels increase for the first time in 2019.

Berg River dam, just outside of Franschhoek, has enjoyed a 2.1% increase of water in the past seven days. This is a sure sign of things to come for a region always looking over its shoulder at the threat of drought, and more rain is set to hit the Mother City on Wednesday.

Cape Town dam levels for Monday 6 May

c296deda cpt dams - Cape Town dam levels, Monday 6 May
The current Cape Town dam levels vs one week ago vs one year ago – Photo: City of Cape Town

According to an official statement released by the city, there is still no change to the restriction level and Level 3 tariffs remain in place.  The overall city water usage target of 650 million litres per day and the personal water use limit of 105 litres per person per day remain in place

Situation in the Western Cape

Anton Bredell is the minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape. Although he welcomed the recent rains, he still hopes that more downpours make landfall soon in order to alleviate concerns in drought-threatened regions of the province.

“We have been getting some rain across large parts of the province in recent weeks but not enough to make a meaningful difference just yet. We are expecting more rain in the coming weeks and months as the regular winter rainfall period kicks in.”

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