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Cape Town dam levels: Latest news for Tuesday 23 April

Cape Town DAM LEVELSThere may be no joy for the Cape Town dam levels this week, but huge relief could be in store for facilities in the wider Western Cape very soon.

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As winter and the traditionally wet months of May and June draw tantalisingly closer, the Cape Town dam levels will be grateful for any relief they can get. In fact, the Western Cape province may just be on course for the deluge it has been waiting months – even years – for.

The Karoo region is somewhat bone-dry and has been fighting drought for longer than any of its neighbours. But on Monday, the heavens opened across South Africa – and they were generous enough to give Beaufort-West a good soaking. However, the rainfall has come after the official water levels were released on Tuesday.

The Mother City’s facilities are now 46.9% full, which is down by 0.98% from the past week. The dams servicing the Western Cape are now 34.55% full, falling by exactly 1% over the past eight days.

However, this temporary slump in form should be rectified over the coming days. We’ve already seen the rain make landfall in the Karoo, and the water is gushing towards local reservoirs. This is likely to have a significant impact on the readings this time next week.

Western Cape and Cape Town dam levels for Tuesday 23 April

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Cape Town dam levels for 15 / 4 / 2019 – Photo: Western Cape Government

James-Brent Styan is a Spokesperson for the Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Anton Bredell. He suggested that we can expect to see an upturn in form from the Cape Town dam levels pretty soon, to mirror what we saw this time last year:

“The numbers are set out below as per usual and would largely exclude the latest rainfall we have seen in areas like the Karoo. It’s interesting to note that last year at this stage was really the turning point for average dam levels in the province.”

“That turning point was at just below 16% on average. We are much better off than we were then but we remain cautious about the situation and continue to call on the public to use as little water as possible.”

James-Brent Styan

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