Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

Canal Walk detail Ratanga Family Entertainment Centre

RatangaGreat news for Cape Town’s theme park ride lovers as Canal Walk announces the Ratanga Family Entertainment Centre.

canal walk detail ratanga family entertainment centre 1024x681 - Canal Walk detail Ratanga Family Entertainment Centre

Ratanga 1200x798 - Canal Walk detail Ratanga Family Entertainment Centre

Fans of Cape Town’s now defunct theme park Ratanga Junction have received some good news in the form of an announcement by Canal Walk Shopping centre.

The shopping centre have announced a multi-million Rand project to revamp their current food court and outside areas and to build the new Ratanga Family Entertainment Centre.

Gavin Wood, CEO at Canal Walk, said: “Being very much family oriented, Canal Walk Shopping Centre saw the long-term value in investing in this development with Ratanga World Ltd, as this will enhance the overall shopping experience, and speaks to shopping centres in South Africa remaining key destinations for retail and family entertainment activities.

“We will see a number of the amusement exhibits find a new home with us, while at the same time, our food court will undergo a significant upgrade to provide a world-class food experience for all palates.  Combined, we hope to be entertaining children of all ages (mums, dads and grandparents too) for many years to come.”

Canal Walk will seek to replicate the best of Ratanga Junction and combine that with international rides and attractions like white Water Slides, Peter Petz carousel, Bubble Boats for children and adult paddle boats on the canal.

“The rides will re-energise the Half Moon Bay area (adjacent to the current food court) and the Grand Canal, it will include world-class manufactured international rides such as White Water Slides, the famous Peter Petz carousel, Lady Bugz kids Ferris Wheel, Convoys Trucks, Maasai Swings, My Citi Bus ride, the Zip Line, Bubble Boats (kiddie paddle boats), adult paddle boats (on canal), Canal Boat tours, the Temperance Flyer train (locomotive touring from Canal Walk to Central Park), and the Stargazer water tube ride,” said Wood

Other proposed attractions are bumper cars, arcade games systems, and stat of the art climbing walls.

The Ratanga Family Entertainment Centre is expected to open before the end of 2019.

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