Cabinet Ministers warned underperformance will not be tolerated

Ace Magashule racistAnnual KPI assessments should mean that ministers that are not doing a good job will no longer have anywhere to hide.

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African National Congress (ANC) secretary-general Ace Magashule revealed the performance of cabinet ministers will be continually assessed and warned anyone not pulling their weight will be removed.

Cabinet Minister KPIs

This is a continuation of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s promise to the nation when he announced his cabinet ministers in June 2019.

He said he would be sitting down with each nominated member of the cabinet and go through a document of key performance indicators and have them sign it.

This will allow the government and the people of South Africa to hold ministers to account and easily see which cabinet ministers are doing a good job and which are failing.

The move is an easy win for the Ramaphosa administration as South Africans have become increasingly disillusioned with the effectiveness of many politicians in government.

“We’re going to do this thing annually. We’re calling people and saying: ‘You’re failing, you’re lazy, and [we] don’t see you moving.’,” Magashule was quoted saying by Eye Witness News.

“Otherwise, if you don’t perform, you can’t blame us, because you will be knowing that you’ve failed and therefore we can’t have factions. We can’t have battles. We can’t have fights when one is actually removed. One would be removed because one has actually failed.”

The only lingering question really left is, why is this only being implemented for cabinet ministers now?

War on unemployment

According to Magashule the most important list item for just about every cabinet minister is job creation.

He revealed the administration has declared joblessness in South Africa a state of emergency and they would be doing everything in their power to drastically reduce unemployment over the next five years.

“The lekgotla agreed that unemployment is a national emergency, it agreed to reduce the unemployment from 27.6% to 14% in the next five years while focussing on skilling and reskilling programmes to 3.5 million young South Africans,” Magashule added.

“The ANC plans to achieve massive job creation on the back of the industrial strategy, job summit initiatives, Operation Phakisa, and private-public growth initiative.”

The secretary-general also declared plans to turn South Africa into a three shift economy so the country “never sleeps” and hinted that government might drop experience requirements for entry-level jobs.

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