Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

“Bring it on, insult me, bloody crooks,” EFF MP tells Malema and Shivambu

Julius Malema hate speechThembinkosi Rawula took to Facebook and seemingly chose to air the EFF’s dirty laundry publically.

bring it on insult me bloody crooks eff mp tells malema and shivambu 1024x758 - “Bring it on, insult me, bloody crooks,” EFF MP tells Malema and Shivambu

Julius Malema 3s 1200x888 - “Bring it on, insult me, bloody crooks,” EFF MP tells Malema and Shivambu

Thembinkosi Rawula, a current EFF MP who was omitted from the latest representatives list, didn’t pull any punches as he branded Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu as “bloody crooks”.

“I endured the past four years for convenience, and the only leash they had on me was deployment to parliament. Now that I am not in the list, I am leashed away, so let the ball roll.” Rawula posted on his Facebook page.

Rawula stated that the party claimed levies amounting to over R2m a month from it’s national and provincial office bearers. He explained:

“The EFF receives levies from 61 MPs/MPLs, and each pays not less than R6 800 monthly x 61. EFF has 852 councillors comprising metros, district, and local municipalities. On average these councillors contribute R2 000.00 monthly x 852.”

He added that “all these monies are centralised in the EFF under the control, abuse and dictatorship of Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu”. Rawula said the they “made it clear this is their organisation.”

A dictatorship

Rawula portrays the party as something of a dictatorship, with Malema and Shivambu personally controlling the EFF purse strings. He insinuated that they also control the party through fear and intimidation.

“When occasionally we find courage to ask about it, we are chastised … treated with disdain and threatened to be removed from Parliament. So for the past five years, we had to think with our stomachs rather than objectively engaging the executive, holding it accountable.”

He added that they would use Training Providers to inflate costs 250%. This allowed them to get away with 150% of the inflated cost. Due to the lack of financial reports, members “would be forced to conclude as such.”

Links to VBS scandal

Perhaps most damning is the claim by Rawula that Julius Malema publicly admitted to using VBS funds to finance the party. That is something which the party has publicly denied since they were first linked to the VBS scandal last year. He said:

“The political overview of Julius Malema in the most recent CCT meeting admitted to EFF taking VBS money to finance the revolution. In fact [Malema] said, ‘sometimes we are forced to kiss dogs or devil to get funding’. The VBS money was done under the full knowledge of the leadership.”

Broken trust

Rawula questioned how the party could build state capacity when they are engaged in activities that “weaken the state through engagement into corruption.” He also asked how “people will trust [the party] with freeing this country from corruption.

Rawula further makes a point in his post to distance himself from the alleged financial irregularities. However, serious questions must be asked about the integrity of the EFF leadership if there is any truth to his claims.

“Lastly I refused to take collective responsibility on VBS. I am poor, live like a church mouse despite the fact that I have been a member of parliament for the past four years. The pair has milked every cent I worked for in parliament, but despite that, my integrity remains intact.”

Rawula’s post, if true, would be a massive blow to the EFF. The party positioned itself as freedom fighters holding the corrupt to account. Much like the ANC, the EFF as a party will have a lot to answer for. And it won’t end with those directly implicated in wrongdoing.

Time will tell if there’s substance to Rawula’s claims. If not, it might just be case of sour grapes for being excluded from a position on the representative’s list. And, of course, the financial rewards that go with it.

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