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Breaking: “Crèche abuse” woman arrested, more videos said to exist

crèche Gauteng Carletonville abuseJust hours after footage of a Carletonville crèche employee assaulting a child went viral, the authorities in Gauteng had her cuffed-up in the courtroom.

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The authorities in Gauteng promised a swift course of justice and they have delivered: A woman filmed beating a child at a crèche in Carletonville, Gauteng has been arrested and charged for her shocking actions.

A video of the so-called “caregiver” went viral on Thursday morning, where she can be seen spanking and punching a very young girl. The adult was seemingly enraged as the child had vomited on the floor, and forced the toddler to clean up the mess while dishing out heavy-handed punishment.

Carletonville crèche abuse – latest news from Gauteng:

Meanwhile, TimesLive report that parents had rushed to the school once the video had hit the web and collected their children immediately. Panyaza Lefusi, the MEC for education in Gauteng, shared his disgust online and vowed to catch the abuser as soon as possible.

A few hours after Tweeting his plans, the woman had been taken into police custody. He also used the medium of social media to share the news of the arrest:

Arrest, court date confirmed

She has already appeared in front of the local magistrate’s court near Carletonville, and it’s confirmed that she’s due to appear in court again on Tuesday 7 May. A decision is yet to be made on whether the media can legally name the perpetrator, as her crime involves a minor and it could jeopardise the tot’s anonymity.

Education MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza and her team will now travel to the crèche in order to conduct an inspection of the facility and decide whether it is safe for children to return to their classrooms. The local education department are set to address the media at 15:00, too.

More abuse videos allegedly involving the same woman surface

However, the woman responsible for this heinous abuse has also been linked to several other similar videos at the same nursery. Anti-crime advocate Yusuf Abramjee posted a series of clips to his Twitter account on Thursday, in a bid to deliver justice to the abused child and her family before the arrest was confirmed.

We won’t be sharing the clips, but you can follow that thread here:

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