BNZ Crusaders squad accused of inciting homophobic brawl [video]

bnz crusaders homophobic allegations cape townThe Crusaders left Cape Town with one point and a bag of homophobia accusations.

bnz crusaders squad accused of inciting homophobic brawl video 1024x683 - BNZ Crusaders squad accused of inciting homophobic brawl [video]

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After a frustrating outing for the BNZ Crusaders in Newlands, Cape Town, certain members of the New Zealand squad left the country with homophobia accusations levelled against them.

The rugby team took to its Instagram page to address allegations that surfaced on social media that between Thursday, 16 May, and the early hours of Sunday morning on 18 May, certain members of the squad were involved in altercations with partygoers at a nightclub in Bree Street and two days later, at McDonald’s in Long Street.

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BNZ Crusaders rowdy visit to Cape Town

Altercation at Arcade nightclub

Kaylene’s experience (a Capetonian queer) did not get much traction until the alleged homophobic verbal spat that was recorded at McDonald’s went viral.

In her thread, which you can read below, she shared how her encounter with “a well-known Crusaders rugby player” at the Arcade nightclub turned into a horrible outing with mates.

According to Kaylene, she and her friends were minding their own business when, seemingly out of the blue, they were targeted by a Crusaders player that spat at them with beer.

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The incident went unnoticed until the club faced backlash on social media after video footage surfaced, showing members of the team’s squad being “named and shamed” at McDonald’s.

Alleged homophobic incident at McDonald’s

Instagram user, only identified as Darren on his profile page, uploaded a carousel of images showing the players that allegedly egged them on with homophobic slurs in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“We were attacked by members of the New Zeland rugby team in the McDonald’s on Long/Kloof Street [in the early hours of Sunday morning. As we entered, we were met with jeering and sniggers from them. They then proceeded to record us as a joke.

“When catching them in the act, they told us they did it because we looked funny to them. They then said they can record us in a public space if they want to. Upon telling them that this is wrong, they then began physically intimidating us,” Darren wrote.

In the Instagram post Darren shared, he included screenshots of some of the players allegedly involved in the debacle. He also included a short video which can be viewed below.

Crusaders denies all allegations

The accused rugby team responded to the backlash on Instagram, denying all claims levelled against its players.

No reactions from the South African Rugby Union (SARU) have been released.

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Watch: Crusaders accused of inciting homophobic verbal fight

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