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Bathabile Dlamini won’t go quietly: Five bombshell claims from her resignation letter

Bathabile Dlamini resignation letterBathabile Dlamini is spilling the beans left, right and centre in her extensive resignation letter. The departing MP also has a warning for the president.

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Bathabile Dlamini’s role as a public representative has been all but vanquished on Tuesday after the controversial politician decided to leave her MP position. However, she’s not going out without a fight.

Dlamini’s sudden resignation comes in the wake of her exclusion from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Cabinet, which was officially announced at the end of May. Dlamini’s extended political career, which spans more than two-decades within the ruling party, made her a prominent leader of the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL).

It’s understood she will remain as ANCWL president, but even so, she may have wiped a few party stalwarts off her Christmas card list this year. The outgoing MP has published an extensive resignation letter, criticising several people and processes within the government. We’ve put all her bombshell claims together:

Bathabile Dlamini resignation letter – five massive claims:

ANC “not ready” for female leadership

“The ANC is not ready to be lead by women” – Dlamini made this point early doors, claiming that her resignation is linked to the “patriarchy” within the ANC. She suggests the ruling party “do not understand” the vital role a female organisation plays in government, seemingly rueing her departure as the Minister of Women

MP’s wives benefitted from CPS debacle

Bathabile Dlamini came in for severe criticism for her wide-ranging mismanagement of SASSA. The department wasted public money by the millions in trying to find a new social grants system, only to end up sticking with the CPS which had always been in place. However, Dlamini has a bit of tea to spill on this matter.

She says that she was unable to move away from CPS because several ANC members – and their wives – had a vested interest within the group:

“Those that made a profit through CPS because of their wives… they are known to the party, but because they are well respected by the organisation, nothing has been said to them. I’ve been made a scapegoat and an easy target.”

Bathabile Dlamini

Bathabile Dlamini suggests Zuma is a better leader than Cyril

There are a lot of things that have been rammed home bluntly by this statement, but there’s also a bit of reading between the lines to be done: Dlamini praises Zuma’s management several times, and is much less complimentary towards Cyril Ramaphosa. Msholozi is thanked for his compassion and his willingness to help.

Jeff Radebe acted as Social Developments Minister

State capture from within the state, you say? Miffed with the fact her department came under scrutiny, Bathabile Dlamini has accused Jeff Radebe of trying to run the department behind her back:

“When Minister Radebe took over [as SASSA Portfolio Committee Chair] is another story for another day. But he started taking over the role of Social Development Minister. No-one raised the matter with him and I kept quiet.”

You’re next, Cyril…

BD also found time to take a parting shot at the current president, and suggested that his days may also be numbered. She lambasted senior members of the ANC NEC for targeting every previous serving leader of the party: In an ominous warning, Dlamini wrote: “I am waiting to see what they are planning for the present leadership.”

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