Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

Bathabile Dlamini may have “committed a crime” with her resignation letter

Bathabile DlaminiThis isn’t what she was aiming for: By trying to leave in a blaze of fury, Bathabile Dlamini may have only made things worse for herself on Tuesday.

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Tuesday proved to be the final day of reckoning for Bathabile Dlamini, whose controversial stay in government came to a crashing halt. The outgoing MP resigned in dramatic fashion earlier in the day, with an explosive letter that tried to drag others through the mud.

ANC members accused of criminality by Bathabile Dlamini

As well as accusing Jeff Radebe of illegally attempting to run the Social Development Department on her behalf, Dlamini hit back at the wide-ranging criticism she received for the “mismanagement” of SASSA.

The department wasted public money by the millions in trying to find a new social grants system, only to end up sticking with the CPS which had always been in place. However, Dlamini spilt the tea here, writing that she was unable to move away from CPS because several ANC members – and their wives – had an “interests” in the group.

Bathabile Dlamini “admitted a crime” in her resignation letter

While Bathabile Dlamini started the day feeling very high and mighty about her slew of allegations, they could result in some serious consequences. The ex-minister won’t be pleased to find out that she’s still in the firing line, though.

Bridget Masango is the DA’s Shadow Minister of Social Development. According to Dlamini’s former opposite number, the 56-year-old may have committed a crime while trying to implicate a few of her colleagues. You could probably file her resignation letter under “own goal”, for future reference.

What is she accused of?

Here’s how Masango sees it: Bathabile Dlamini has willingly admitted that she had prior knowledge to criminal activity, but failed to report it. This in itself is a criminal activity, and charges will be brought against her unless she meets a 48-hour deadline (imposed by the DA) to take her allegations to the police.

“Section 34 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act states that anyone who suspects or knows of another person who have committed corruption should report the offence to the police. Failure to do so is an offence.”

“The DA will give Dlamini 48 hours to report this alleged corruption to the police, if she fails, we will proceed with laying criminal charges against her. Turning a blind eye to crime is also a crime. And for far too long, Bathabile Dlamini has gotten away with evading accountability.”  

Decision time for the outgoing MP

She has been given until Thursday evening to “do the right thing”. Dlamini is not exactly the DA’s favourite person, either. They’re currently pursuing perjury charges against the divisive politician: ConCourt had previously requested that the NPA considers prosecuting her after she lied under oath during the social grants hearing.

It’s understood that Dlamini will remain as ANCWL president, getting redeployed to Luthuli House in the process. Even so, she may have wiped a few party stalwarts off her Christmas card list this year. Ultimately, her “I’m going down and you’re coming with me” approach doesn’t look like it will pay BD any dividends.

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