Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Bar fight in Vanderbijlpark leaves 13 cars damaged

bar fight vanderbijkpark 13 cars damagedA bill the 13 affected car owners did not ask for

bar fight in vanderbijlpark leaves 13 cars damaged 1024x853 - Bar fight in Vanderbijlpark leaves 13 cars damaged

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ER24 has confirmed that three men have suffered minor-to-critical injuries from a bar fight that happened outside of the M-Cafè Club in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, on Friday morning.

As reported by Sowetan Live, three men were thrown out of the nightclub at around 2:00 for scuffling. What started as an alleged bar fight ended up costing 13 car owners a serious load of money and a near-death experience for one of the gents.

What started the bar fight?

ER24’s spokesperson, Russel Merling, revealed that paramedics were called to the area in the early hours of Friday morning, and found a man in critical condition.

Petrol attendants of a station nearby were tending to the man’s wounds when medics arrived at the scene.

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“The man was treated for his injuries and provided with several advanced life support interventions before he was transported to a nearby hospital.

“Two other men were assessed on the scene and found to have minor injuries. Both men refused treatment and were later handed over to local authorities.” Merling explained.

Vanderbijlpark brawl leaves 13 cars damaged

The police were also on the scene, and they confirmed that 13 of the cars that were parked in the lot were damaged as a result of the fight.

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It is believed that the men were throwing bricks at each other. Although the police did not reveal any suspects, medics revealed that two of the three men had suffered minor injuries and refused to get treated.

There has been no word, as yet, from authorities on the level of charges the two men who escaped with minor injuries will face — if they will be charged at all.

The critically injured man has been treated for his serious injuries at a nearby hospital.

The 13 car owners will sure have a hard time trying to figure out who was responsible for those unnecessary costs.

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