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Aquaman wants to spend his life saving the oceans

jason momoa aquaman oceansAquaman actor Jason Momoa said in a recent interview that he “wanted to spend [his] life trying to save the oceans.” He shared a few of his real-life ocean adventures.

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Rüdiger Sturm from Red Bull interviewed Jason Momoa about his onscreen role of Aquaman the DC Comic movie, and about his real-life endeavours to save the oceans.

Momoa said that he studied marine biology in college because he’s “just a fan of nature, of the world, of the Earth.” Momoa added that he wanted to spend his life saving the oceans and working with animals. He explains:

“It’s tough because there are so many things to do in this lifetime: my artistic career, being a father, giving back what I owe this Earth as a human being. I want to bring awareness and solutions – that’s why I’m working with a charity organisation called WATERisLIFE.”

Water is life

Through his work with WATERisLIFE, Momoa aims to get fresh water to people in need. In addition, the organisation also aims to clean the oceans and curb the flow of plastic and waste into the oceans.

According to WATERisLIFE, nearly one billion people lack access to safe water. One of the solutions to the water crisis, is The SunSpring, founded by Jack Barker from Innovative Water Technologies.

The SunSpring uses proprietary GE nanotube filtration technology which removes up to 99% of particulate matter, bacteria, virus and other particles from dirty water sources.

Jason Momoa believes in putting words into action

Momoa strongly believes that one cannot be a hypocrite when it comes to these important discussions. He believes in practising what he preaches and is determined to find the right companies to work with. He adds:

“I’d love to be a spokesman for these things, so I’m making sure I have all my ducks in a row.”

Momoa once nearly drowned on a surfing trip, though. The waves were too big and his friends couldn’t reach him. Momoa said it was a terrifying experience and joked that he prayed to his ancestors, grandmother and grandfather.

It was only when he was thrown against a reef and managed to dig his feet into it, that his friends could see where he was. That experience taught him to respect the ocean.

“The ocean is a beautiful and amazing teacher. It’s very powerful and you have to respect it. It gives grace and beauty, but it’s also beaten the s**t out of me.”

Jason Momoa

In addition to saving the oceans, Momoa also fills his free time with rock climbing. He loves being outdoors and explains that he likes the way his “body hangs off [his] arms and fingers” while climbing.

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