Mon. Oct 21st, 2019

Another cyclone to hit Mozambique on Thursday

Cyclone IdaiMozambique is braced for the impact of another cyclone as aid workers continue to assist the recovery efforts in the wake of Idai.

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The South African Weather service have confirmed that tropical cyclone Kenneth will make landfall in Northern Mozambique and Southern Tanzania on Thursday.

SAWS forecasters say Cyclone Kenneth is currently a moderate tropical storm and is expected to make landfall on Thursday afternoon.

“The storm’s current location is 10 degrees south and 49.6 degrees east off Madagascar’s coast. It is expected to affect the southern parts of Tanzania and northern side of Mozambique,” Wayne Venter of the SAWS told the Sunday Times.

The cyclone is not expected to cause the kind of devastation brought by Cyclone Idai. The heavy rains it will bring are likely to hamper Mozambique’s recovery from the previous cyclone though.

More than 1,000 people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi lost their lives due to Idai.

“This is a moderate cyclone, whereas Idai was an intense cyclone,” Venter added.

“We’re expecting heavy rainfall, flooding and sustained winds of 130km/h to 150km/h. This will be coupled with high swells – between 6m and 8m – and rough sea conditions.”

The cyclone could have an effect on the amount of rain expected across South Africa in the week to come.

“It might cause no rainfall for the summer-rainfall areas in the Mozambique Channel. It’s like a ball of energy drawing energy towards it – so little rainfall over parts of SA during that time,” Venter said.

The heavy rain experienced in parts of South Africa over the Easter weekend have been attributed to a cut-off low pressure system that is expected to have cleared the country by Thursday.

The city of Beira in Northern Mozambique was nearly completed levelled by the winds and flood waters brought by cyclone Idai, and the became the centre of a cholera epidemic thereafter.

An overview of the situation in Mozambique as of 20 April has been published by the UN and Reads:

“On 20 July, the planned relocation of 400 people from Beira City to Guara Guara proceeded smoothly according to protection partners. Prior to the relocation, the government, supported by protection partners, organized a “go-and-see” visit for three community leaders from the IFAPA site in Beira to inspect the conditions in the sites in Guara Guara. The leaders reportedly expressed content with the situation in the sites and were later asked to share their findings with the entire community in IFAPA. Construction of temporary latrines for the new arrivals was completed on 18 April. The authorities have, however, requested additional support with tents and non-food items. UNICEF has provided a large tent (102 meters), which will be erected by COSACA to serve as backup, in case more shelter is required.

“Many interior roads remain inaccessible, as numerous secondary roads were washed away or cut off. In Sofala and Manica provinces alone, at least 177,000 people are estimated to be in more than 50 communities that are hard-to-reach or inaccessible by road, including in Buzi, Chibabava, Nhamatanda and Sussendenga districts. Efforts are underway to ensure that life-saving assistance reaches these areas.

“Meanwhile, the number of displaced people living in accommodation centres has increased by more than 8,000 people since 18 April, according to Government reports. As of 20 April, there were 77,003 people in 66 sites across Manica (32); Sofala (26); Tete (5) and Zambezia (3).”

The impact of Cyclone Idai has reportedly left 1.85 million people in desperate need of aid in the affected region.

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