Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

Another close ally of Ace Magashule has been poisoned

Ace Magashule Gangster StateMagashule’s suspected whistleblowers have been living in fear.

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Chris Ackeer, a close ally of secretary-general Ace Magashule, has become the second person to fall victim to poisoning.

As reported by Sowetan Live, Ackeer is Magashule’s right-handman. He currently serves as the secretary-general’s strategic planner and is the second victim to close to Magashule that was poisoned.

A brief history of Ace Magashule allies being poisoned

In 2017, Sandile Msibi, one of Magashule’s closest allies, who also headed up the department of police, safety and transport in the Free State, died due to poisoning.

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It was speculated that Msibi’s death was directly linked with an investigation that was launched against him for allegedly syphoning funds from the public purse,

At the time of his death, Msibi was dealing with probes about how he allegedly placed his personal attorney as the recipient of millions of rands’ worth of legal consulting contracts from the province.

Although it is not clear whether or not there have been any active probes into Ackeer, the news of his poisoning attempt has sparked fears that Magashule has launched a campaign to silence those who have been labelled as spies in the province.

“I thought it was just an allergy. I would not know what and where I ate this‚ but it was confirmed that it was poison.

“Fortunately for me, it was detected but I can’t really pinpoint what really happened. Glad that I survived and I am home now” Ackeer said.

ANC members in Free State living in fear

Although he would not entertain the speculations around this clear murder attempt, sources within the party’s regional structure have spoken out in fear of their lives, claiming that Magashule has been on a witchhunt for leaks and whistleblowers.

“ANC senior members‚ including the SG‚ would come to the province and we would have late-night meetings at his Free State house where we would be questioned about those who are leaking information,’ a source told the publication.

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A recently-published book, Gangster State: Unravelling Ace Magashule’s Wed of Capture by Pieter-Louis Myburgh, detailed the scourge of corruption that the secretary-general has been linked with.

Rumours that Magashule is targeting leaks

Myburgh, the investigative journalist that wrote the book, placed Magashule at the helm of the province.

Nothing moved without his touch and his power in the Free State is immeasurable.

The source described life in the province as “scary times”.

“This is getting scary. We are accused of leaking information to the media about the SG. We were told that individuals that are known were being investigated and they would lose their jobs.

“The Free State has turned into a very scary province to work in. We are called spies.” the source added.

Ackeer has made no indication that he would be opening a case of attempted murder with authorities and the office of the secretary-general has yet to issue a statement in this regard.

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