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And the winner is… ANC dominate as victory declared in six provinces

Provinces resultsEven though we are still waiting for the final national results, We’re at the stage where a majority of provinces now have their outright winner.

and the winner is anc dominate as victory declared in six provinces 1024x753 - And the winner is… ANC dominate as victory declared in six provinces

IEC 1200x882 - And the winner is… ANC dominate as victory declared in six provinces

While we’re waiting for the final results to trickle in – there’s still about a quarter of the vote to be counted on Friday – some provinces have got some matters done and dusted already. While there are still millions of votes to be accounted for across the country, winners in six provinces have now been declared.

It’s worth noting that even in these “decided” regions, the battle for second, third and fourth place to determine seats in provincial legislatures is ongoing. More than 90% of ballots have been tallied in the Western, Eastern and Northern Capes, and our first “officially finalised” results should come from those regions.

Political heavyweights have already flexed their muscle, and there will be no last-gasp drama to derail victory processions in two-thirds of SA’s provinces. Here’s where the winners have already been declared so far on Friday.

Results as they come in per province: 2019 vs 2014

Click on the province to be taken to that page with a live leaderboard and the official results once declared.

Latest election results: Provinces where the winner has been declared

Eastern Cape (93% complete)

  1. ANC – 68.61%
  2. DA – 15.89%
  3. EFF – 7.76%
  4. United Democratic Movement (UDM) – 2.64%
  5. African Transformation Movement (ATM) – 1.52%

Mpumalanga (89% complete)

  1. ANC – 70%
  2. EFF – 12.96%
  3. DA – 9.94%
  4. FF+ / VF+ – 2.52%
  5. Better Residents Association (BRA) – 0.79%

North West (96% complete)

  1. ANC – 62.45%
  2. EFF – 18.59%
  3. DA – 10.79%
  4. FF+ / VF+ – 4.24%
  5. United Christian Democratic Party (UCDP) – 0.49%

Northern Cape (97% complete)

  1. ANC – 57.25%
  2. DA – 25.89%
  3. EFF – 9.57%
  4. FF+ / VF+ – 2.71%
  5. Cope – 0.87%

Limpopo (63% complete)

  1. ANC – 75.26%
  2. EFF – 14.36%
  3. DA – 5.6%
  4. FF+ / VF+ – 1.58%
  5. African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) – 0.34%

Western Cape (97%)

  1. DA – 55.05%
  2. ANC – 28.99%
  3. EFF – 4.04%
  4. Good – 3%
  5. ACDP – 2.64%

SA Elections: Latest results from Gauteng

The ANC have secured five provinces so far, with at least two more likely to follow. They are maintaining the lead in both Free State and KwaZulu-Natal, who have both counted less than two-thirds of their provincial votes.

However, things are not going to be plain sailing in Gauteng. We’re just over the halfway mark with counting in SA’s most densely populated region, and that ANC majority is being etched away. At 9:50 on Friday, they were polling at just 49.7% – slipping under 50% for the first time this week.

KwaZulu-Natal could spring a surprise

However, with the DA failing to break the 30% mark so far, it looks likely that the ANC will still cling to power – even if that’s with the help of a minor party to form a coalition. The governing party will need to convince one, maybe two leaders to join their cause. The DA would need to unite far more, and it could be too difficult a task to undertake.

In fact, don’t rule out a shock in KZN, either. Despite being an ANC stronghold, the party are on course to lose 11% of their vote from 2014. They are currently sitting on 53%, with the IFP and DA claiming some significant votes. It’s entirely possible that this could also go right down to the wire.

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