Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

ANC WC’s Ebrahim Rasool resigns from provincial legislature

ebrahim rasool resigns provincial legislatureRasool says it is time he hands over the baton.

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After a hard-fought battle for the Western Cape, the ANC’s provincial leader, Ebrahim Rasool, has revealed that he has tendered his resignation to the provincial legislature.

As reported by The Citizen, the ANC leader announced that he has not accepted a position to become a member of the Western Cape provincial legislature.

Why did Ebrahim Rasool resign from legislature?

Rasool made it clear that this was not in response to the recent election loss the party suffered against the DA in the province.

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The decision, he said, was made back when he had agreed to help President Cyril Ramaphosa with his efforts to return the ANC to power in the DA-led legislature.

The ANC managed to secure 12 of the 42 seats in the legislature, with Cameron Dugmore placed as its leader. For the former Premier, it was time he handed over the duty of leading the opposition to the party’s future.

“We are behind Ramaphosa” – Rasool

Rasool also noted that the country is in a healthy state at the moment. Differences between parties can be set aside to assist Ramaphosa in realising his ambitions for South Africa, he stated.

“I believe that across racial, class, religious and linguistic divides, all citizens are willing President Ramaphosa to succeed in fostering an inclusive unity, rebuilding a shared economy, re-establishing strong institutions with integrity and rooting out corruption and cleansing our society. I remain at the service of this Renewal Project,” Rasool said.

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Looking ahead at life from the legislature, where he has spent the last 25 years in different positions, Rasool stated that his job was to contribute to the growth of the economy by engaging with potential international investors.

“I will continue to do this but also accelerate my efforts to attract global investments to South Africa from markets with which I have some familiarity,” he added.

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