Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

ANC chalks up Ace Magashule allegations to “Stratcom operation”

Ace MagashuleAce Magashule gave the classic “it wasn’t me” response.

anc chalks up ace magashule allegations to stratcom operation 1024x678 - ANC chalks up Ace Magashule allegations to “Stratcom operation”

Ace Magashule 1200x794 - ANC chalks up Ace Magashule allegations to “Stratcom operation”

Ace Magashule, the secretary-general of the ANC, has been the subject of a potential bestseller, a book by investigative journalist, Pieter-Louis Myburgh that details the alleged treacherous path he took to reserve himself a seat in the powerful inner circle of the reinvented ruling party.

Gangster State: Unravelling Ace Magashule’s Web of Capture is Myburgh’s magnum opus. In it, he uncovers the other side of Magashule we were always weary — but not clued up — of.

What the book says about Ace Magashule

With the help of exclusive source interviews, leaked emails and documentation, digging deeper into pre-existing records of his alleged involvement in many corruption and fraud crimes, Myburgh painted a picture of a man who is considered one of the most dangerous politicians alive today.

In the book, Magashule is described as the man “at the centre of the old guard’s fightback efforts”. He is portrayed as the leak in the Top Six — the malware in a rebooted system.

Some of the allegations levelled against the secretary-general include:

  • his ties to the Gupta family and how he recruited provincial leaders into the arms of state capture solicitors;
  • another version of his history in the fight against apartheid, where he allegedly misrepresents his involvement in the Umkhonto Wesizwe’s (MK) movement;
  • his shoddy relationship with a businessman, Ignatius “Igo” Mpambani, who was gunned down in Sandton two years ago; and
  • how he would allegedly use slaughtered cattle to win favours in the Free Stata province, among other things.

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ANC lashes out at Myburgh and ‘Stratcom’

As reported by Times Live, in response to Myburhg’s book that hit the shelves on Sunday, the party’s spokesperson, Dakota Legoete slammed the book as “a carefully planned Stratcom operation”.

“This Sunday’s continuation of front page lies by these two embarrassing rags should not be given any credibility by responding to their baseless allegations, and the ANC will certainly not do so,” Legoete noted in a statement.

He accused the Sunday Times and Citizen of conspiring against the ruling party and acting alongside the strategies of dark, anti-establishment forces.

He implored the public to use common sense in noting the supposed irony in how this bombshell of a book was “timed for publication barely a month before our national elections, in order to try and inflict the maximum damage against the secretary general of the ANC”.

Magashule threatens to take legal action against Myburgh

Magashule, himself, came out with a response to Myburgh, challenging him to produce prosecutable evidence on the allegations he’s made about him.

“I have said to Myburgh that he cannot write allegations about me. Why does he call them allegations? I said ‘make them facts so that I can act legally against you’.

“Let him come and bring one person and that person must go to court and say he gave me 10% and say how did he give me the 10%,” he warned.

Magashule also categorically denied any other allegation laid against him in the book, including his struggle credentials and his alleged involvement with the slain businessman, Mpambani.

Myburgh, in response to Magashule and the ANC’s threats to take legal action against him, taunted them to go ahead, stating that he is well prepared for any legal eventualities.

“It is standard procedure in my line of work to have legal threats or action against you. He can go. Our country has a very good justice system.

“But if he says I have not given time to respond, those are lies. I gave him two full weeks and he has not responded to me,” Myburgh said.

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